Услышав через @ask_a_pol и @MattLaslo, что @RepLuna сказал, что сегодняшняя встреча SCIF «бессмысленна» и «ничего нового», похоже, нам придется пойти по сложному пути. Переключатель затемнения был активирован.

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Услышав через @ask_a_pol и @MattLaslo, что @RepLuna сказал, что сегодняшняя встреча SCIF «бессмысленна» и «ничего нового», похоже, нам придется пойти по сложному пути. Переключатель затемнения был активирован.

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  1. DoD: «ok, is everything secure? Are we in a private place? Ok then, come- SHSH!!! Shut up and come over here so I can tell you the big secret. Closer. Closer… Ok. Are you ready? Ok here it is: fuck you.»

  2. Does everyone else think that it is neat, that every single person that was voted into office by the public doesn’t appear to have access to this information? So the people that do have access don’t have accountability to the public. Neat neat neat. Democracy is neat.

  3. Very interesting point on the timeline of disclosure, they won’t let go — it’s just like many big figures stated before — it won’t happen the official way so we need to decentralize the effort.

  4. What’s he saying, what’s he saying. The only thing that surprises me, is that somebody is surprised. We will NOT get anything from the government. This will require a major security breech, and they have contingencies, if that should happen.

  5. Luna is perfect and deserves the truth. We know Matt Gaetz you know Mr. popular has clearance Luna and Burchett doesn’t have. I know everyone hates Matt Gaetz but he should have been there. It’s just ridiculous they wasted their time and effort just to say they didn’t have clearance. This means there is sensitive information in those documents.

    Members of Congress are not required to have security clearances. The Executive Branch, through E.O. 12333 as amended has chosen to control dissemination of information to only those with the need-to-know.

    To have oversight wouldn’t they have a need to know? Luna is so fine omg

  6. I’m trying to understand why this is happening at all. Why this controlled flow of information? What would change in the world if we had proof of aliens?

    What was JFK going to disclose? What could the ramifications be for national security?

    Why do people need the DoD or someone else’s proof at all? Why can’t we garner our own experiences?

    If I tell people about my alien encounter they don’t believe me. Why do they believe a government that consistently lies and controls information? Who is more trustworthy?

    If we still have borders, homelessness and famine and wars are we actually ready for the broadened scope of high tech? What if some idiot drove a UFO through the planet and cracked it in half?

    You all know what the general public is like. Disclosure might be saving all the good apples in case there’s a single bad one. You don’t think there’s a real need for the secrecy? People will say it’s for control but I think it’s for our own good. Take a good look at your neighbours and ask me if they can be trusted with plasma UFO tech with laser beams and shit. You’d probably say *oh, fuck no*. We used atom bombs on ourselves. You think we can level up before solving some other problems? It doesn’t work that way.

    It seems to me the role of public inquirer is completely useless. If senators cannot get information then you don’t live in a democracy, you secretly live in a tyranny while crossing your fingers that it’s democratic. It’s not.

  7. The USA does not deserve control over the narrative of disclosure, whether these things exist or not. Trust and respect has not been earned, and the whole system is running on the ego of a laughable superpower

  8. Was Grusch not in the Scif? Didn’t Grusch say that he could disclose everything after the congressional meeting in a sciff? Somebody makes sense of this for me, seems like Grusch is just full of shit.

  9. lol, no sh!t it was pointless. You are listing to a guy (Grusch) give a brief on 3nd hand accounts, not even seeing any tangible proof, i.e. photos, videos. Someone told him they saw a UAP/UFO and he foolishly believes them, he is a very gullible individual.

  10. Nothing will change until major news outlet(s) get multiple clear iPhone videos of a daylight mass sighting. One that cannot possibly be explained away other than an extraterrestrial craft. Like that would ever be allowed to happen.

  11. Just what I said they would do. Avril Haines has her hand deep up everybody’s ass. Nothing dark is going to get out. I’m really not sure what needs to happen internally to get them to understand that they are extending and perpetuating crimes on the people of the US. Decades long coverups of corruption and misappropriation of taxpayers money. Also just simply not telling the world that we are not alone is more of a crime. They are suppressing any tech advancements that give rise to us moving away from fossil fuels. All while smiling in your face and kindly depositing the paycheck that was funded by your hard daily work. Nothing ever changes it’s back to business as usual and don’t forget to get that new Robertson commission happening so we can put this to bed once and for all. We need people in these programs to just start
    talking. The whistleblower protection were a step towards the truth. However, the process for them is not clear. Both IG and IC are acting like disinformation agents. Going to AARO is insulting and a waste of time. Perhaps Greer should just do a bigger press conference and invite Burckett, Luna, and all the others and make it a hearing. Get these people in the program to start just providing evidence and talking. Newsnation is all in on this topic as are other networks now. The timing is right for a more explosive event. We need more public awareness and people interested in all this corruption. People hear nhi and uap and don’t understand what is happening. We need to turn up the flames on this investigation.

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