НЛО «треугольной формы» попал на камеру дверного звонка в Англии. Что ты думаешь?

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НЛО «треугольной формы» попал на камеру дверного звонка в Англии. Что ты думаешь?

«Triangular shaped» UFO caught on doorbell camera in England. What are your thoughts?
byu/GlobalUfoChannel inaliens

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  1. -Statement:


    43-year-old Matt Doughty from Hertfordshire couldn’t believe his eyes when he watched the footage back.

    Doughty, along with his friend Kevin, had been sitting at home watching the football on TV when he received an alert on his phone from his doorbell camera to tell him that someone was outside.

    When he played back the footage he expected to see a person standing on his doorstep, but was surprised to discover that the camera had instead been triggered by something in the sky.

    The object, which consisted of three bright lights in a triangular formation, could be seen slowly moving above the houses from right to left across the frame.

    «I looked at the footage and played it back,» he said.

    «It was silent. Three lights came from the sky and I thought it was really weird.»

    «Where it’s come through the trees, it’s come over the house opposite me then the footage captures it coming from right to left. It disappears over the top of woodland to the left of my house.»

    «It was a bit of a chilling feeling really — I thought ‘oh my god, that’s quite close’. I wondered if I’d discovered something nobody knows anything about.»

    «When I showed Kevin he said ‘jeez, that looks like a UFO’.»




    kennedynews .co.uk

  2. 3 helicopters that close in the UK? 😂 Very unlikely you’d not hear 3 helicopters as well that close as he describes.

    Chinese Lanterns possibly. But staying together, and triggering a doorbell, seems odd.

    One of the more interesting videos I’ve seen posted.

  3. All Triangular craft with ground facing lights are categorically human made vehicles. At least thats what I was told the one time I found myself at the dinner table surrounded by heavy hitters with clearances I could never dream of.

  4. I have four cameras pointing at the sky, roughly north, east, south and west. They’ve been there for about four years now. Never seen shit that was inexplicable (just things like satellites, aircraft, meterorites and so on — interesting, but perfectly explainable) and it’s starting to piss me off 😀

  5. My question would be why is it so slow? Is it fast? Can it do the 0-Mach 10 with no inertia? I have never seen a video of one of the TR-3Bs doing more than a slow jaunt around an area. And I mean slow — like it seems almost comparable to a blimp in terms of speed.

    They need to add some boosters to the sides of the thing.

  6. The lights are pretty clearly added in visual effects. They just made the twinkling dim more completely when going through the tree then adjusted it to dim less when no longer behind the tree, but did a pretty bad job of it. The light twinkling «behind» the tree does not pay any attention to the locations of thick branches. And when the lights exit the tree there is still a period where they are dimming as if behind the tree before this stops.

    Don’t fall for this stuff guys or else we will start being inundated by people with pirated adobe AE or amateur Blender skills.

  7. There’s a trio of Naval GPS sats that rarely show up, but they are in this configuration. Have seen them once but they were nowhere near this bright. Have also seen the «triangle» as it floated over my house in 2008, my sighting was the same lights on each tip with smaller lights between them, enough to light up the underside of the craft to where I could make out the hull. Was a big center light that was orange, and square in shape. Either way, nice video.

  8. I’m at that point where I think the Triangle UFO’s are some US alien tech. Our bombers are cool triangle-ish shapes, a good lot of our ships look like Star destroyers, our muscle cars were all about boxy hard points. We like points, and that might be the give away lol.

  9. TR-3B. Saw this at Tybee Island on the beach at night. Odd rectangle silhouette blocking out the stars slowly moving. As I start walking, it starts moving a little faster. All of a sudden the lights under it come on (just like in that video) and zoom, sucker disappeared.

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