Райан Грейвс обещает доказательства.

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Райан Грейвс обещает доказательства.

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  1. YES!

    We must keep talking about this. This is marketing, we have to make this acceptable to discuss. Think about all of the societal norms that have changed over the decades. You are part of that right now just by being on this sub. You don’t need to believe, just be open to discuss. The stigma has to be removed so we can tackle this scientifically and get answers.

    There have been thousands upon thousands of sightings/experiences by family members, friends, neighbors, politicians, celebrities, the military, the intelligence community, across the globe throughout human history. Because of technology and the speed of information in today’s world, they CANNOT stop the flow. We must take this opportunity to speak loudly and demand accountability.


  2. About half an hour ago, Ryan Graves tweeted two important tweets:

    «Commercial pilots have been recording sightings. With their permission, I’ll begin to share.»

    «Starlink is the new weather balloon.»

    These tweets come after Mick West’s attempts to convince that many of the reports that reached Graves are actually of Starlink satellites.

  3. Most of these discussions seem like «I know some stuff but I can’t tell you», «I have some evidence that I can’t show you», «Someone told me something but I don’t have the permission», etc. Mf just release it anonymously or any other way that you prefer. Stop with this bullshit.

  4. I, for one, am fucking sick and fucking tired of being fucking goddamn fucking motherfucking strung along. Don’t say FUCK ALL about it, go get the pilots permissions, then JUST FUCKING SHOW US.

    I can’t believe this shit anymore. Fuck me.

  5. Fun fact — the week that Grusch first appeared on News Nation (not the hearing, but just appeared with Ross), I was at Sky Harbor in Phoenix and was on a giant escalator right next to a pilot, in pilot garb.

    Feeling like it was a bit less weird given the recent news, I said «hey, random question — hope you don’t mind me asking, but…»

    «Sure, what’s up?»

    «You ever seen any UFOs/UAP up there? Not sure if you’ve seen the news, but»

    Before I even finished the sentence he was like DUDE holy shit, tons of them. Most of them I think I can explain, but I’ve seen at least 10 or 15 that I just couldn’t wrap my head around. Almost all of us see them, but as you might guess we don’t really talk about it. There’s crazy shit out there, man.

    (he was a younger pilot, looked about 30)

    Thanked him and told him I appreciated the candor with this, and hoped that him and his peers feel more comfortable sharing their experiences in the near future, as it’s at the very least a safety thing.

    But the enthusiasm he had on the subject and willingness to tell some random half-drunk passenger that yeah — he’s seen some shit — it made my weekend.

  6. Ryan Graves should be the focus more than Grusch imo. Not that we have to pick and choose but Graves testimony is almost as startling as Gruschs when you really pay attention to the implications of what he is saying and the fact that it’s backed up with multiple reports and sensor confirmation, and that they even took steps to eliminate all sorts of prosaic possibilities such as radar malfunction.

    He’s able to articulate the absolute bizarreness of the situation in a clear and concise way that is hard to refute. He’s able to bring the problem down to earth by framing it as an issue of aviation safety and national security, while still being open and frank about the more incredible implications of what this could all mean for humanity, without being sensationalist or dramatic about it in a way.

    He’s like the opposite of a showman, but still absolutely riveting to listen to. And he’s taken real action with his organization.

    safeaerospace.org, an organization run by a former Navy pilot, just feels like the kind of place that a military or commercial pilot might feel more comfortable taking their reports to than, say, MUFON. Not to throw shade at MUFON, but a pilot oriented organization that doesn’t have «UFO» in the name will have greater traction in official circles and in the media. It’s very difficult to call Ryan Graves crazy or to poke holes in his reports.

    And that’s another difference — he’s not just gathering reports, he’s engaging in activism and using this to push the government to take steps to actually deal with the situation and in the process talk about it publicly.

    I don’t think that John Kirby would have made an official White House statement that the UAPs are interfering with Navy pilot training if not for Graves testimony.

    Gruschs testimony is important but the real results of his efforts will be seen when they start following up on the names and locations he’s provided. If that has real results it will quickly become the story of the century. Fravors testimony is on par with Graves, and his willingness to speak has opened the door for all of this in a way. But he’s got other things going on when he’s not engaging with this, while Ryan Graves has made it his main focus with his group Safe Aerospace.

    Frankly I’m ready to vote for the dude for president.
    Ok maybe that’s melodramatic but seriously, I’ve got immense respect for the guy.

    Edit: everyone should check out his Merged podcast.

  7. *Tinfoil hat **on***

    If Musk is actually a secret operative as some claim…

    It would make sense for him to create Starlink both for its intended purpose and for plausible deniability by the Gov’t of UAPs as «weather balloon» no longer cuts it…

  8. You know, with the missing plane video and Ryan Graves always saying that commercial pilots see UFO’s almost every day they fly, it sounds like it’s become a problem and maybeeee they are scared that they’re going to suffer the same fate as the video…..

  9. Let’s hope he doesn’t get suicided by getting pushed out of a window… but seriously if he starts to share things, I hope that they aren’t just little dots that will be debunked. It would be amazing if he could provide something that had been taken at multiple angles by more than one person. I know that is asking for a lot though.

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