Перуанское обновление пришельцев. Найдены новые кадры НЛО

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Перуанское обновление пришельцев. Найдены новые кадры НЛО

Peru Aliens update. New footage of UFO found
byu/sherlock_er inUFOs


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32 комментарий для “Перуанское обновление пришельцев. Найдены новые кадры НЛО”
  1. I’m so tired of this. This screams «found footage». With all sorts of effects mixed together.

    I am all about nerding out on this subject, but this is so blatantly fake, please quit posting ridiculous content.

  2. Senior VFX artist farting in again. This is fake. The added camera shake, the optical flares plugin, the snap/rack zooms and refocusing (which doesn’t happen on a cell phone camera) , the fake added bokeh and gaussian blur added, the motion blur of the tracked 3d objects all show this is a vfx artist trying to show off their skills.

  3. What in the holy fuck if this isn’t some cgi video or light show projection. Do we know anything else about this video besides op sharing it?

    It almost looks like a skyline in California more than a Peruvian jungle.

  4. So it passed the lazy “scroll through” frame by frame inspection. Nothing seemed to appear on the wrong side of what was passed behind. Light seems to be obscured by the power lines and if I was to make just one stretch of an observation (more imagination really): The ring/bubble looks like the metapod sighting would fit the void shape pretty well? Marks against it? I’m obviously excluding visual prejudice just because it looks astounding, to be clear, something never seen before can’t really be expected in form. I would have to say the no audio is a big deal. I’m really leaning towards some sort of phone app but I’m betting it’s debunked by midnight. I’ve got popcorn in the microwave waiting for the takes on this one.

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