Фотографии TR3B

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Есть идеи, откуда эти фотографии?

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  1. These, if you want to believe, are human craft called TR 3B Astra. Some type of experimental reversed engineered space craft. Though I have no idea where these particular photos were taken from.

  2. Looks like stills from an X-Files episode to me, can’t remember which episode. Mulder and Scully end up outside an airbase and the military are testing something that looks just like this. Could be wrong, watched it years ago.

  3. The fake film grain is a dead giveaway that this is Ai generated. In fact, import the image into photoshop and raise the gamma and contrast and reduce noise reduction and you’ll see that the “random” film grain is in fact procedurally generated

  4. I seen a triangle before but no holes and no sound. One flew over me in a training exercise but blew it off as a hallucination from sleep deprivation so that was that. Later worked in TTR on night missions many nights never seen thing I could see satellites with night vision but that was all.

  5. I seen that! Back in 2014 while on a airplane coming from Florida going to Kansas City. I was listening to music in my headphones and I looked out the window and seen dark grey but shiny triangular thing flying fast as hell the opposite way we were going. No bullshit I yelled and everything and my family looked at me crazy because i was loud. It was like half a football away and I know other Airlines don’t fly that close in air space. I’ve seen multle ufos growing in Missouri. I was watching channel 2 news in st.louis one night during a thunderstorm we were having and they were showing the downtown on the camera and see this fast as triangle go from the left side to the right side right when a lighting had struck… I also had an experience with sleep paralysis when I was like 15 or 16. I was sleeping and I usually sleep with the TV on. I would sometimes wake up and watch TV or turn it off to go back to sleep. I also slept on my back alot because my TV was set in front on like 6ft dresser. so I’m sleeping and I wake up about of nowhere and I’m froze can’t move a muscle, can’t talk or do anything and there’s a tall black figure that’s just standing there. not doing nothing and I swear it’s so tall that’s its casting the TV behind it. I only see light from behind it. I try to move and I couldn’t. I honestly think I got visited by a higher intelligence and they able to freeze you and blind you so u can’t see what they look like. My friends have seen ufos or some green light that would go over our neighborhood.

  6. Has anyone ever seen or heard of examples of this exact kind of craft but without the center light? I saw one just like this once a few years back with a light at each point, but nothing in the middle as most examples show.

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