Развенчанный посадочный круг инопланетянина

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  1. Not a debunk with just the circle alone. They may have never noticed the circle (that they made in the past with a vehicle) then once they had a reason to go looking for evidence of the «aliens’ they saw the circle and connected it to the aliens, mistakenly.

  2. Well what the glowie’s video probably doesn’t explain is that the circular mark that has been there was probably mistaken as a crop circle (AKA) Parking space sign for the Alien Craft.. Visitors would often find circles like this in grassy fields of Ireland, Stone Henge, Egypt, Nebraska.. I could go on.. If I was a pilot and I saw that parking spot I’d take it.

    Edit: There was never a crash. The UFO landed on the circle and took off afterwards..

  3. This leaves more questions than answers. If there are so many satellite images from different dates and people think it’s from the forklift or some other object why do we not see ANYTHING sitting there?? What are the chances it’s never there all those times it was photographed? What’s causing the circle to remain?

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