Разговор офицера с Джеймсом Фоксом: настоящие видео предполагаемого розыгрыша менее чем за 4 часа

Разговор офицера с Джеймсом Фоксом: настоящие видео предполагаемого розыгрыша менее чем за 4 часа

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  1. As much as I want it to be real, I’m going with bullshit till he can show something. There’s claims the alien is in the bodycam footage. When the cops showed up 40min later. So in those 40 minutes it never crossed his mind to snap a picture of the mf? Or capture any video of it, nothing? .. the shock wears off enough in 40 minutes to think about grabbing the camera. Just for THAT, he doesn’t even deserve credit even if he’s telling the truth. The grusch case is a lot more interesting right now.

  2. Submission Statement:

    A series of conversations and observations regarding a mysterious incident is presented. The context begins with someone sharing information from their brother, a police officer, who claims that body camera footage was allegedly wiped by the FBI, and officers were instructed not to discuss the incident. Another individual, claiming to be a police officer from Las Vegas, adds more details, mentioning that a body camera captured an object falling from the sky, accompanied by a humming sound and neighborhood illumination. They also mention the presence of government officials and vehicles the following day.

    However, James Fox introduces skepticism after sharing these testimonies. He reveals that the officer who initially reached out has undergone a significant change in perspective, now considering the incident a hoax, fabricated by an attention-seeking individual.

    [Link to tweets](https://twitter.com/jamescfox/status/1667070484939194368)

  3. And this subreddit was swayed both ways by both tweets. I got to watch it happen. Even if there will never be a shred of proof, this place is at least entertaining to see how groups of people interact and react as a hive mind. Just wait for the Grusch story to have no impact on anything in the world. I’m gonna get extra popcorn for the next month or two

  4. People change their minds based on available evidence? I don’t understand what’s odd about that. We’re just privy to real time thought processes because of social media. That’s the odd part. If you were sitting and talking with Fox for four hours, hearing him process data, it wouldn’t seem like a weird thing for him to lean into a different position than the one he started with «just» four hours before.

  5. James definitely needs to be more deliberate and cautious with his statements. He’s a good documentary film maker, but he needs to be careful not to get too caught up in the excitement of late and keep his credibility protected.

  6. Interesting, and wierd. A lot is at stake with this one considering the timing. If there was going to be disinformation, the pressure would be huge. I don’t see how a Latino kid in Vegas would be able to get his whole family on board to perform an elaborate hoax in the middle of the night though. Why? Why would the whole family participate in that? I’m not sure which is more improbable, honestly.

    Doesn’t it also seem bizarre that James Fox would pass judgement so early? Like really strange. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t even know that «alien» is the right word anymore. The government *really* wants to discredit anything about this topic, we know that. They’ll do anything, and have a long history of it. They also seem capable of compromising just about anyone.

  7. Officer got bought off. It’s not coincidental this happened a month ago and now that it’s viral some spook comes out of the bushes and starts dangling supposed hardware over the eyes of the public. I believe this family over somebody as red flaggy as Grusch…

  8. Knock knock ! He noticed doesn’t have the exclusivity to make a new documentary so he will take appart this case a long time in the freeze when everyone was calmed and suddenly he will become with extraordinary claims.

  9. Pretty stupid to create a flimsy, easily debunkable story with the intention of it going viral only to be debunked and ridiculed. Not to mention associated penalties making false reports/calls to the authorities.

  10. What is such a shame is that they managed to do everything, including calling the cops, but not get a CLEAR photo or CLEAR video of the UFO or the 8-10 foot tall ETs. And conveniently when the cops get there, ETs and their craft are gone.

    Also, his voice on the police call was too calm for someone that just saw a couple of 8-10 foot tall ETs in their backyard.

    Also the grown man, in the police video, points at the 2 teenage boys, saying they are the ones that saw the thing. So where was the grown man while a UFO crashed in their backyard and ETs were walking around and paralysing the teenage boy in the video?

    The ground where a UFO has crashed into, that would leave a crater, not a dark circle without any indentation. The angle/trajectory at which the meteor/green light was travelling at, would mean the object would probably bounce off the ground first before settling. I expect to see destroyed fences or destroyed homes. Unless the UFO is the size of a tennis ball.

    The pixelated video from the alleged neighbour’s ring camera is not clear enough to tell us what happened. We don’t see much on it, and we don’t know who owns that video or where it came from.

    On that night there are 21 reports of meteors seen in that part of the country — https://fireball.amsmeteors.org/members/imo_view/event/2023/2408#video_box

    IMO, it could be a bolide (bright meteor) — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolide

    It’s VERY likely that this is a hoax, to start a YouTube channel career or for «clout» as the kid puts it. The only thing that could be real is the green meteor seen in the sky and that is what triggered the whole thing on the kids minds in the first place.

  11. isnt the fact that quite a number of goverment people showing up some proof regardless if it was a hoax? cause that sounds like as if they are taking it seriously enough to have a look… and I doubt thats always the case.

  12. Watch out for his new documentary. With witnesses that haven’t spoken over the event in a town called Vegas for less than two hours. Moment of contact II starring Paul Logan.

  13. After seeing the Google images circle in the ground existing for a very long time, it occurred to me: what are the odds of a circle like that staying in that way for that long. Eventually, some of those rocks would tumble. If they’re working on a car or walking through the backyard, surely the circle would be at least partially broken at some point. If what is being said by Grusch is true, a coverup like this would be relatively easy compared to what they would’ve had to do in the past. It still absolutely could be bullshit, and I do think Grusch’s information is more interesting, but I’m skeptical of my skepticism at this point.

    I think we’ll hear Grusch out, see what becomes of it, and see what answers are provided. I’m hoping for disclosure, but I could imagine this being a separate military operation where people were given false information about the origin of advanced human technologies. Hide the advanced technologies of other nations. Convince the US government to more fully fund the Manhattan Project. Hell, convince the US Government to better fund wars or more heavily pay out contractors.

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