Ошеломляющие заявления об обнаружении крушения НЛО признаны «заслуживающими доверия» и «срочными»

Ошеломляющие заявления об обнаружении крушения НЛО признаны «заслуживающими доверия» и «срочными»

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  1. «For their part, Grusch and other knowledgeable individuals who have spoken to investigators have little incentive to lie. “Knowingly and willfully making false statements” to the Intelligence Community Inspector General carries the risk of financial penalties and imprisonment. At the same time, two high-caliber attorneys appear unafraid of the potential legal jeopardy of filing Grusch’s complaint.»

    This. No lawyer, especially a high-profile one, is not going to take on something of THIS nature without some really damn good evidence. Why would two highly respected lawyers and someone like Grush risk everything for this? Everyone needs to just forget that silly Las Vegas story and remained focused on this.

  2. Do we have in-fighting factions of military and intelligence? Is someone frantically trying to relocate all these alleged craft right now or destroy evidence? The imagination runs wild.

  3. Ultimately the only validation needed is that the charges are proved and other whistleblowers come forward. Opinions are going to be sharply divided till then. Maybe even after that.

  4. The point about the lawyers signing on is somewhat solid. I don’t see what they have to gain from jumping on something like this (except maybe publicity).

    But I hate that people keep saying that it’s so much more credible because the guy is risking perjury charges.

    Ok but how could someone *actually* charge this guy for perjury? How can you prove he’s lying? By proving that the government *doesn’t* have UFOs?

    It seems to me like it’s a way of adding “credibility” to his claims without actually taking much of a legal risk

  5. At first I thought maybe this Grusch guy was setting himself up to make some money off the UFO craze. Maybe he wants to write a book down the road or something. But really a guy with his resume could make good money a lot easier. He seems legit

  6. Edit: correction, *this* article explicitly clarifies (via an anonymous source) what was reported previously regarding the “credible and urgent” wording.

    ~~Careful, it was the whistleblower reprisal allegations were deemed credible and urgent.~~

  7. Oh come on guys it can’t be real.

    If it really is global, there’s no way all the governments of the world could have kept a lid on this for so long: think of the numbers of people who must be in on it.

    And the planet is billions of years old, yet these craft crash-landed in modern day America, the same country that recently (in cosmic terms) started imagining in its fiction what an alien visit would be like? It’s absurdly unlikely. I know all Americans think America is the Main Character, but Sheesh.

    And if it is a global occurrence, then you’re saying that every single instance of this happening was spotted and recovered by a country’s respective government before any member of the public ever got there first?

    And aliens who have mastered interstellar travel suddenly crash landing? Why would they even use tiny manned craft when we ourselves (probably millions of years behind them in technology) are already using drones and AI for almost all our surveying. Yeah, travelling millions of light years is one thing, but flying over Nevada is where it gets real tricky I guess.

    Then there’s the «trust me bro» attitude of the guy. What’s he got? He’s seen some documents or been told by someone else that soke documents might exist that suggest alien craft have been recovered? It’s… not very convincing.

  8. only pilots we are finding in UFO’s are Chinese pilots

    UFO are real but its just unidentified flying objects. doubt anything has been recovered, y most of the time its equipment failing or malfunctioning that causes the UFO.

    also if aliens were real threat to the US people i think the government would tell us. much like they though covid was a real threat and did their best to come up with protocols. at the end of the day i think we give the government too much credit. most are just people working a job to collect a check and dont even do their job well. very small percent of people that actually care about their job and make an effort to do it well.

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