Можем ли мы сейчас бросить этот мусор?

Картинки стоят тысячи слов. Или, в данном случае… Тысячи картин стоят столько, сколько этот дегенерат хочет, чтобы люди платили за его дерьмовое искусство.

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  1. Can we not be so quick to ruin this kids life based on a Twitter account that doesn’t even look like it’s related?

    Even if he is lying, it doesn’t really matter. Any evidence of what happened that night does not prove aliens were involved. That should be enough.

  2. Look at the dates. The NFT account has been around since January of 2022. It’s an old account way before the incident, different type styles and art styles. These accounts are for sure not related. This is such a stretch to assume.

    There is more evidence for what his claims are than this social media connection.

  3. I’m feeling kind of neutral on this one, but if it’s a meteor, I need to know where the impact crater is. That thing made a boom as it hit within that neighborhood area. The fact that they haven’t found one is strange. It should be easy to debunk.

  4. I like how you cut off the year of the tweet to make it seem vaguely more recent lol

    Might come across as copium, but you could imagine how one could easily come up with a name like that tbh, it could easily be a coincidence

  5. I’d wager it’s more likely to be a disinfo troll trying to discredit him by making an obviously fake account and naming it that to do exactly what you’ve done here. Post this shit and discredit him. Their plan is working. Either that, or the kid is 100% honest and this is a glowy/fed cover up. They’ve got unlimited resources to make these fake pages to discredit people, they literally get paid to do it on the daily.

    Shills/Disinfo Agents/Social Media Manipulators, they are very real.

  6. I’m not understanding.
    I don’t speak internet. I’m sorry, I’m old.
    Are y’all saying he’s lying because there is a Twitter page selling an NFT with aliens on it.
    And that’s for sure his page.
    That kid has an NFT? Lol

  7. All I know is that in that video after seeing it enhanced, there was something there. I can’t lie to myself and say I didn’t see something standing there. And if you’ve seen it in motion it appears to turn and then open it’s eyes. If the video has been tampered with then it’s fake. But after hearing his 911 call and seeing the other people’s reactions, I can’t rule out that something didn’t actually happen.

  8. i agree BUT lets forget the kid, forget his name his story and his channel name

    just the blue hue meteorite paired with the impact sound from the ringcamera is enough to justify further investigation

  9. I’d be surprised if a 17 year old mechanic kid from a native speaking family in the outskirts of Vegas created a twitter for Alien NFTs. Just doesn’t seem the type really. Not from what I heard of him talk. NFTs had a very specific type of dudebrah talking about them. I don’t know this kid, but he just doesn’t seem like the type.

  10. Lol so this guy wants to debunk an entire case because of some random generic twitter account with the same name from over a year ago without validating if they are the same person. This is why no one respects debunkers on this place.

  11. I’m done with this sub for now. I love this sub but it seems like majority of this community have no sense of optics or ability to discern what’s credible and what’s disinfo. You are actively working against the momentum we’re gaining by jumping to conclusions on stuff like this LV incident. Good luck with your blurry screenshots and self drawn lines I hope to God it doesn’t make it into the mainstream news.

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