Еще одно интервью со свидетелем из Вегаса

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Верите ли вы, что это обман или нет, вот еще

[Part 1](https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT81Bf9Ta/)

[Part 2](https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT81BPoN9/)

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  1. My Transcript:

    **Why no picture?**

    He does have a picture/video but it will be released in part 2 on his YouTube channel.

    **He Wanted People To Know That…**

    He decided to not collaborate with Channel 8 News because they released the story without his permission. He also didn’t know they were going to release the story. He never told Channel 8 anything because he wanted to tell his side of the story.

    **Any smell around these creatures?**


    **Can you draw a picture of it or get someone to help you do it?**

    He’ll try. He tries to explain he was looking for a similar image on Google but couldn’t find one that fits exactly because it, «had a lot of teeth.»

    **Did it have any ears?**

    “I don’t remember to be honest. I don’t think… no.”

    **What color were the eyes?**

    First time he saw it, they looked like normal human eyes with eyelids, blinking, and eyelashes. The second time, the eyes were neon, glowing, and lit up.

    **What about the skin?**

    He saw the ribcage but the skin looked slippery, gross and disgusting. Akin to a dolphins skin.

    **What color was the skin?**


    **Did you notice footprints? Any toes to the footprints?**

    He saw some footprints but he honestly doesn’t know why he didnt take pictures. He just didn’t think to, said he didn’t have the intention to make videos/interviews because, “we’re a family who like our privacy, to be normal”. He only did an interview with Doug because he wasn’t displaying his face.


    They put a police camera in his backyard for a few days, not there anymore.

    **Did you contact any UFO reporting agencies?**

    No, because he hated that he was on TV

    **What’s your reason for coming forward now?**

    Because Channel 8 didn’t mention a lot of things that happened. A lot of people think it’s fake. Ppl can believe what they want, I just want to tell my story. I’m also upset they didn’t credit Doug.

    **What do you plan to do moving forward?**

    «Tbh, idk, i wish everybody can forget about it so i can live my life normal again, but, idk, there’s this guy, he wants to, like, he has a show, and that’s why, he said to not say a lot of stuff, so we could do an exclusive on it, but idk. He’s not paying me money, nothing. It’s just like, an interview and me telling him the story. And he’s a guy with a UFO show.»

    **His Final Thoughts:**

    If I wanted to get famous I would’ve done the interview with Channel 8. I don’t want to get famous, I just want to say my story and don’t want anyone making money off of it.

    This event can happen to anyone. They’re real. Be safe out there and it can happen out of nowhere.

  2. There’s a lot of weird shit about it but something about this guy just comes off as really un-authentic. If someone really saw what he was describing I feel like you’d see a lot more emotion when he talked about them. It just seems like he’s kind of making stuff up on the spot. I want to believe but he’s not very convincing

  3. If he genuinely wants the world to know the truth, the 2nd video of the alien would have been released together with the first. Why is it taking so long to do this? So me people would say it’s this guy he keeps mentioning (Don Papa?) that should get the credit. Maybe that’s the mastermind behind this whole hoax?

  4. His body language and his tone of voice suggests that he is stretching the truth out. This is a quick and easy way for him to gain followers. His demeanor screams «Holy shit I actually got attention from this, I might as well play it off and see what happens.» Until there is hard evidence of Alien life, we will continue to have these charlatans chomping at the bit for internet fame.

    Insert whatever phenomenon into **X** value

    ***Charlatan***: «I saw **X**»

    ***Hopeful Skeptic***: «No way do you have any photos or videos of **X**?»

    ***Charlatan***: **Shows a 1 millisecond clip of what looks to be something vaguely similar to* ***X****

    ***Naïve***: «Omg guys, **X** exists» **Spams* *on* ***X*** *subreddit**

    ***Hopeful Skeptic***: «I still don’t see anything»

    ***Charlatan***: «Trust me bro»

    ***Hopeful Skeptic***: **Crawls into a ball and cries**

  5. There’s a part 2 coming?! Who’d have guessed.lol! Oh on his «aliensociety» YouTube channel?

    This kid is playing you all. He must be absolutely thrilled with the attention he’s getting. Good for him.

  6. Fascinating! Thank you for posting. I haven’t made up my mind over this yet. There is something about this kid maybe his simplicity which makes me think he believes what he saw. Anyway, not enough evidence for a real or fake. So keep them coming

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