Даже холм говорит об истории осведомителя

Даже холм говорит об истории осведомителя

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  1. It’s interesting that a reputable news source is starting to take this story seriously

    Also they’re on his side rather then dismissing it outright. The fact he has people in the intelligence community backing him up adds even more to his claims

  2. The hill and newsnation are both owned by nexstar media and both are considered entertainment rags first and foremost. The hill features a lot of talking heads who made their career by either taking or distributing dark money from Russia (personally worked with half a dozen of them doing this for a lobby between 2008 and 2011). Please continue to be skeptical until we see true evidence.

  3. I guess to add a sense of equality to the reporting, they claim that keeping something of this magnitude secret for so long would be hard to do. I’d argue they haven’t kept it secret, we’ve known about it in some way for decades….

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