12 ALIEN CRAFT находятся под стражей в США, подтверждает Intel; Один источник утверждает, что найден пилот: Майкл Шелленбергер — The Hill

12 ALIEN CRAFT находятся под стражей в США, подтверждает Intel; Один источник утверждает, что найден пилот: Майкл Шелленбергер — The Hill

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  1. Yeah this is wild.

    The interesting part for me is where he said:

    >There are people that say that there were crashes. There’s also cases of what they called a «retrieval program.» There’s also cases of craft being abandoned, and **craft making its way into US Military hands in *other ways***.

    I wonder if he’s talking about stuff like Varghina or the «Mussolini UFO» that the OSS supposedly found, or is he talking about craft being brought to the military by the NHI themselves? Maybe both?

    This statement I think was intentionally vague, as he doesn’t want to speak on this until he gets more corroboration.

    Overall happy to see Shellenberger taking this seriously, but I will admit, it’s quite unsettling to see how very clearly unnerved he is by all this.

    His body language makes it seem like he’s experiencing quite a bit of «ontological shock» himself.

  2. It was very interesting to see him grow uncomfortable when discussing the «alien bodies» part. Stating he left that out of his story and wanted to keep it about the crafts ala the Debrief article

    Makes me curious what else some of these sources have been saying, and if it’s the same 4 that Christopher Mellon says he talked with in the Politico article.

  3. Is there any other reality or truth that compares to this in human history? I mean so what, we found out the universe doesn’t revolve around us. Does that compare in the slightest? We all have an advantage mentally when accepting this, but wow it’s gunna shake up a lot of people.

  4. I don’t really understand why Kean, Blumenthal, and Shellenberger all chose to shy away from discussing the nonhuman bodies that at least one source mentioned.

    A lot of laypeople and even most reporters won’t give up the idea that these UFOs are advanced human tech.

    The confirmation of nonhuman occupants of these craft completely obliterates the idea that these are human. In my opinion, that’s the part that should be front and center. If that’s true, it’s case fucking closed.

  5. Submission Statement:

    This is an interview with Michael Shellenberger on The Hill where he discusses his article about claims of 12 nonhuman origin vehicles.
    One source claims that nonhuman entities were also found, but kept it from his article because he only had one source and wanted to focus on the crafts for his story.

  6. The most striking part of this video is when the newscasters if they received the craft by crash.

    Schellenberger says that they’ve received the craft from crashes, or that is has been simply abandoned, or… other methods of delivery.

    Uhhh, what??? How else could they get a craft??? He’s not talking about government trading craft. Because he said he hasn’t heard anything about crafts in the hands of other governments. Could this be the ETs just straight up parking the craft at a government facility and giving it to them?

  7. The shock may not be produced from knowledge that we are not alone in the universe nor that that life has visited this planet but it may be from the realization that that life considers us its property And that we are complicit in their control and powerless to oppose

  8. I’m very curious to know now — all of these stories involve “previously recovered” craft, pilots, etc — meaning everything that has happened previously. What about right now? Are we STILL being visited and if so, what happens if and when the dam breaks and the military make it public. Do we get a White House front lawn greeting or just the acknowledgment that “yep. We’re not alone”

  9. When they talk about the bodies, and he is visually uncomfortable, a thought enters my mind, of something that would be even more terrifying to all of humanity than finding aliens as the pilots.

    The pilots being humans.

    (They do say non-human craft, so maybe this doesn’t make sense, but it did to me for a split second.)

  10. This is a huge breakthrough!! Shellenberger is a well respected journalist. Covering other things like the twitter files.
    When he said he’s been talking to folks and have heard very similar stories but has been hesitant to release it due too the fantastic nature of it is really telling. You can tell he’s been hearing this stuff for awhile, but this whistle blower is the first time where it really sunk in for him and he felt comfortable sharing his previous insights. What an amazing progression in our efforts for disclosure.
    The next couple months should be VERY interesting especially when you consider the current instability that humanity seems to be wrapped up in.

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