Я думаю, что основная методология реверс-инжиниринга возникла из-за того, что материал(ы) является генератором идей.

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Таким образом, более чем вероятно, что каждая конкретная спецификация ретрита выходит за рамки понимания для нашего нынешнего уровня науки, тем более, когда мы не можем вложить все наши научные ресурсы (т. изучение и реверс-инжиниринг их. Чем-то мне это напомнило эту сцену из фильма «Терминатор 2: Судный день», где один из персонажей рассказывает о найденном ими процессорном чипе из будущего. «*Эта штука была сломана, мы не знали, как заставить ее работать, но она была настолько радикальной, что дала нам идеи и повела нас в новом направлении, вещи, о которых мы никогда бы не подумали*» (я перефразировал то, что он сказал). Вы можете увидеть сцену на отметке 3:20 минут https://youtu.be/euf-GKJV2S8

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  1. I figured it might’ve been something like that. We haven’t gone down the pipeline to hover cars and FTL, but we’ve made impressive leaps that may have just been the gov or other organization sneaking ideas around, somehow. But I can’t verify, it’s just half assed speculation lmfao

  2. Congress has the power to force disclosure but probably won’t. For instance, the House Armed Services Committee is made up of Congressional members. They can force almost any agency working with a defense budget to disclose everything they do and anything they want to know. They are one of the few commitees with national security clearances, which means they can be briefed on classified black projects. If, after being briefed, this committee recommends a certain course of action for the members of Congress, the members will almost always vote with the committees recommendations.

    This way, classified information can be disclosed to a few qualified Congress persons.These committee members then can give guidance based on the briefing. The other members of Congress know that these suggestions are based on knowledge of classified information, and they, of course, follow along with them.

    If Congress were to ever consider voting to force unlimited UFO disclosure concerning alien technologies, the House Armed Services Committee would get a classified briefing. They wouldn’t be told everything, only enough deemed necessary to inform them sufficiently to make a reasonable recommendation. If after this the committee recommends not to force the issue because of strong national security concerns, the members of Congress will not vote against the nations security interests.

    To summarize, whistle-blower insider information will not lead to full disclosure of black military projects immediately, if ever.

  3. Yes, makes perfect sense. A downed craft would be very interesting to study and might lead to research in specific areas that no one thought to delve into. Research in these areas might lead to new and unrelated discoveries, even if we never figure out all the secrets the craft has to offer.

  4. It all hinges on whether or not we have been able to comprehend alien technology. In the movie, it’s advanced human technology from the future, so we had a basis for understanding it.

    But advanced alien technology might be incompatable with our limited understanding of science. Humans took thousands of years to develop science as we know it. It is uniquely human, just as alien science from an advanced civilization will be far different from ours.

    But then again, why would the US government deny any knowledge of this unless they have indeed been able to reverse-engineer alien technologies and produce substantial results. Imagine the value of hyper advanced military applications. This is the key aspect of the entire subject. Misuse of off-world technologies has the potential to destroy the entire planet.

  5. unless we’re on a peer to peer basis with the visitors, releasing the technology without the benefits of wisdom for the whole planet and ALL of humanity will destroy us.

    They’ve been waiting for us to grow up. Our evolution was hijacked by industrialists with profit as a motive rather than a benefit for the human condition.


    Then maybe we can start to move forward, and not try to be «great again».

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