Утечки 4Chan с озвучкой

Привет! Я сделал видео об утечках 4Chan с озвучкой. Это Часть первая. Я собираюсь сделать вторую часть в ближайшие 24 часа. Наслаждайтесь этим, если вам не нравится читать полный пост 4 Chan. Надеюсь, я смог помочь. МИР [

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  1. People will embarrassingly forget they totally believed in this shit in a few months or year. Like the «aliens will definitely reveal themselves» from a few years back and other hundreds of times disclosure was «about to happen».

  2. Please start calling it the 4chan larp and not the 4chan leaks. Saying leaks gives it legitimacy that it doesn’t deserve lmao.

    With that said, it’s an interesting story, and you’ve done a good job with this

  3. I remember a lack of consistency in his pronouns when referring to himself, who he worked for directly, the government, and the country. There would be no trouble keeping that straight if he had lived the experience. I’ll try to find some examples. Another thing I thought was weird: he said something like, «OK, I’m going out for the night, be back later,» but it was 9am. He spoke like he was in the United States, so that timing didn’t make sense, but maybe his location was clarified elsewhere, and I missed it.

  4. Thank you very much!

    I really enjoy it.

    If true or not, time will tell. I didn’t see contradictions or no sense answers. Also, I didn’t see more technical answers according to his specialty, maybe because that would expose his identity..

    Make sense the analogy of the zookeeper, I mean, it is more than clear that they don’t want to be involved with us. And I think this is one, of other powerful reasons, that our governments keep the secrecy.

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