Секретные файлы НЛО КГБ — документальный фильм с Роджером Муром

Секретные файлы НЛО КГБ — документальный фильм с Роджером Муром

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  1. Since at least the 1960s the Moscow authorities have used ‘UFO» as a convenient camouflage for public observations of top secret [even illegal] aerospace weapons tests. Some of those fake ‘cover stories’ have even been endorsed by Western UFO ‘experts’.

    My favorite is the 1967-8 string of space-to-ground nuclear warhead test flights:
    Ground observations of Soviet FOBS warhead tests in 1967:

    Decades later, tests of a missile-defense-evading ICBM warhead were widely observed but officially explained-away as UFOs [‘NLO’ in Russian]:

    Military missile tests out of top secret launch sites also got the ‘UFOs!!’ treatment. And Western experts fell for it.

  2. SS: I was recollecting this old UFO documentary, which I had seen many years ago, which showed the Russian KGB walking into and investigating a crash site with a UFO stuck in the ground. After my attempts to look for the video, it became apparent that it definitely doesn’t appear easily on Google or Youtube searches, which I thought was quite weird. Anyway, I found the documentary, and thought that I would post this up for anyone, who might have never heard about, or seen the footage before.

    >**IMDB Summary:**
    For five decades, American agencies have stockpiled information on UFOs. So did their counterparts behind the iron curtain. Soldiers, scientists and spies all paint a disturbing picture of the KGB’s secret campaign. The UFO encounter that almost sparked a nuclear war. The pair of MiG fighters that tried to shoot down a UFO — both jets blown out of the sky! Stunning proof that the Soviets recovered something not from this earth! Amazing film footage smuggled out of Russia. This exclusive investigation into one of the most compelling events of our time is hosted by Roger Moore.

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