Отличное интервью на тему: НЛО и ядерное оружие



​Не уверен, что это было опубликовано ранее. ​ Удивительно, что спустя столько времени вы можете видеть и слышать, как расстроил Марио Вудса этот инцидент.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation — bookmarked for later viewing.

    «***and hear how upsetting the incident was to Mario Woods***»

    I was listening to a long form interview with Robert Salas last night speaking about the 1967 incident at his Oscar flight location in MT. He was underground at the time and says one of the guards first called to notify him about lights in the sky moving at high speeds over the facility, stopping abruptly, and making 90 degree right angle turns. He says 5 minutes later when the guard called him back the guard was now screaming, frightened, upset, shouting and babbling. When the guard calmed down a bit he reported a glowing, pulsating red-orange object hovering over the front gate — not long after that the missiles went down. Salas says his commander contacted the Malmstrom AFB command post in Great Falls, MT and found out the same thing happened at another ‘flight’ of nuclear-armed missiles 8 days prior at another site/location.

  2. You received fewer likes in a day than I would’ve thought.

    I thought his story was pretty compelling. Have heard it a few times now, his recollection of the details don’t seem to change. I find him credible. It definitely seems to have affected him in some pretty profound ways. How could it not?

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