Двоичный код Rendlesham самостоятельно аутентифицирует себя. Как это возможно?

Пожалуйста, прочтите всю статью и иллюстрацию, прежде чем комментировать, а затем попытайтесь объяснить это как угодно, только не совершенно экстраординарно. Двоичный код должен быть реальным и не может быть подделкой. Спасибо этому великолепному исследованию человека по имени Гэри Осборн. Я полностью поражен этим и связью с расположением на плато Гизы.


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  1. May take me a while to fact check, so if anyone knows…, but I want to say the kings chamber box is 137th the size of the area in the pyramid.. Randall Carlson talks about sacred geometry

  2. Joe Luciano of BinaryDecoder.info [decoded the binary back in 2012](https://web.archive.org/web/20150521000836/http://binarydecoder.info/RFI-BinaryCode/BinaryDecoder_Analysis_of_Pages_1-16-CompleteMessage.html) and it’s mostly ASCII. This supports one of two theories:
    1. The sighting was «us from the future» (as Penniston claims).
    2. The binary, [and the notebook](http://www.ianridpath.com/ufo/pennistonnotebook.html), are bogus.
    I seriously doubt any nonhuman extraterrestrials would be using ASCII binary. (ASCII is literally the [American Standard Code for Information Interchange](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII).)
    See also [a more recent interactive decoder](http://decodingrendlesham.com).

  3. It doesn’t make sense, if they were once humans they would know how to communicate in better ways than a binary code. The origin year is not clear either, it could mean since we started keeping time which predates the Jewish and Roman calendars by thousands of years. I’m calling it bull crap.

  4. The sphinx is marking the 26,000 astrological cycle. The Egyptians knew a lot more than we do about our place in the cosmos.

    We think of ourselves as advanced but we may not be the first civilization to invent electronics and computers. Not like the Egyptians had computers but they had advanced knowledge of math and science and astronomy way more so than the average citizen does today.

  5. I don’t have much to comment on this entire thread except to say thank you u/Slipstick_hog for posting something very interesting and thought provoking!!!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  6. Hi @op

    I read everything.

    My only comment is that it would be nice to lay the foundation of the translation from the binary.
    Numerology can be deceiving in the wrong hands.

    The obvious conclusion is intelligent life and I hope this work brings yet another person into the fold of reality — which is the undeniable truth alien life exists.

    Thanks @op

  7. Nonsense, and illogical. If coordinates can be encoded into binary along with text, in English, there’s no need to be so cryptic. If the machine can dump numbers into his head, it could have easily encoded latin characters and made him see the actual message in his head, in English. There is no reason to obfuscate the message in ASCII, requiring the mathematical equivalent of a secret decoder ring in a cereal box to decode. It’s not a mathematical test of any kind. Someone would only do that to make their hoax seem more legitimate.

    The author of this article has confused himself by using coordinates from the message to draw a line through Giza and then getting lost in the real Egyptian numerology of the pyramids. Of course Penniston picked the pyramids. It’s easy to look up their coordinates and well known that they’re a demonstration of various mathematical principles.

    Weird stuff happened at Rendlesham/Bentwaters, but the binary is cash grab hoax by Penniston, not a self-confirming message from future humans. If that’s the best future-humans can do to send a message in one of their own languages, that doesn’t speak well of the future capabilities of humanity. If that’s the best aliens can do, it doesn’t speak well of their abilities either.

  8. The Great Pyramid wasn’t a burial chamber for an actual dead body. And honestly I don’t think it was a power plant either. It’s an initiatory space to experience the rebirth of Osiris. The shape of the Kings Chamber coincides with a symbol named the «Spine of Osiris». The pyramid is a machine of great death and rebirth, and symbolizes Osiris’ myth. Well, it wasn’t really a myth. It was an actual ritual, a death and rebirth ritual, that not only was present in Egypt but much of the Mediterranean had their necromantic rituals.

    Sorry but the pyramid is a lot more profound then just a power plant. That seems like a modern lens on an ancient idea. People in ancient times lived their mythology, it wasn’t just a made up story. It described the mysteries of life.

  9. I see a lot of talk about future AI reaching back in time to communicate… why does it have to be time travel.. couldn’t the AI originate from a place whether that is another planet or dimensional plane? The theory of aliens being bio-engineered/partially or fully robotic has been brought up many times as an answer of how they sustain in our environment and travel without sustenance.

  10. Interesting, my initial thoughts when hearing this was the guy was full of &@$t. on the part where he touched it received some binary code….the reason why he didn’t come out and tell people was because he was “Traumatized” supposedly. my thoughts on this were the reason was, personal computers weren’t really prevalent at at time and he needed one to perpetrate the hoax. My question is, could someone have created this with a personal computer?

  11. I read something saying the pyramids are only meant to eternally confuse us and that they have been here long before humans, that they are actually nothing and we constantly wonder about it, and that we are meant to live our lives over and over again with a world full of confusion, it’s all that awaits our sons and daughters, I had a theory too that if we figure this out too much we die and start over with amnesia

  12. I read the post, and I admit that the mathematical implications are way beyond my understanding. I do apologize if this a stupid question, but could the code by a hoax? Like, whoever just came forth all those years later…can they be lying?

  13. I am especially leery of anything based on numbers. Does anyone remember the infamous Bible Code by Michael Drosnin? It was calculated to contain prophecies of all major incidents using a special code, and according to a number of highly accredited mathematicians the odds of it happening were billions to 1. They tried it against some other books, such as War and Peace, and didn’t find anything.

    Later a skeptic came along and tried the same thing comparing it to Moby Dick and found [all kinds of matches](http://users.cecs.anu.edu.au/~bdm/dilugim/moby.html).

    My point isn’t to say this is bogus, but to say that these types of things can be extremely misleading. They need to be carefully analyzed by multiple statisticians and mathematicians with unbiased attempts at debunking (all of the people who couldn’t find matches were religious and may have been experiencing the Sheep Goat Effect). If it still holds up, **then** it gets more interesting.

    From my own research into these kinds of things, I hold little faith in anything numerical unless it’s extremely straightforward—as soon as you have to starting manipulating numbers by some arbitrary calculation (such as in this case, where they multiply by 32 and divide by 7) we’re going into territory where we can create any numbers we want. Why not choose the height, or the number or bricks, or the weight of a sandstone block, etc? There’s always going to be some number that it going to get is there, because in the end it’s just arithmetic.

  14. Very interesting. Two points I am confused by…

    Why the ‘time traveler’ view point? If we assume this was indeed created by advanced intelligence, it’s not a stretch to assume it would be able to know the inverse number of alpha to *n* decimal places (in 1980). Are these references in the conversation just ‘a’ hypothesis or is there something in the logic of the decoding I am overlooking?

    Secondly, is there any proof that the codes were written down in 1980 and not say in 2010 when he first publicly disclosed them? I get that this level of accuracy wasn’t published until 2018, and (according to this article) was only known to 4 places in 1980, but I would presume that there was improvement in accuracy between 1980 and 2010 meaning if this was to be hoaxed, the hoaxer with research could presumably be much closer in accuracy to the 2018 published one?

  15. I get it now. It was us. The lost global civilization.

    The children of our children will figure a way to go back in time on massive scale. They decide to go to north africa during ice age cuz it was green and fertile then. They build up a whole country there, but heavy machinery and factories will produce waste that rapidly melts the ice sheets and boom we have some global floods. Everything destroyed. Survivors scatered. Knowledge passed on in different envyroments is understood differently by actual early humans and we have myths and legends from different cultures that actualy say the same things.

    This calls for time police… we f*cked our selves, literary

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