Каково ваше мнение о том, что у Логана Пола самые убедительные кадры с НЛО?

Джеймс Фокс недавно опубликовал твит, в котором благодарит Логана за поддержку его истории. Если у него действительно есть что-то, в чем я очень сильно сомневаюсь, то он ничего не реализует, зная его, его карьеру и весь его статус знаменитости. Я очень хочу услышать ваше мнение. https://twitter.com/jamescfox/status/1656068625873215488?t=iCbSyL3PcNgta7qPbTYPzg&s=19

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  1. Honestly fox is losing me more and more. His Rogan appearance was ok and bordered on laughable at times with him fake crying, to only now bring a total buffoon into this world in Logan Paul. Doing more harm than good at this point

  2. James Fox claims Logan has this video. Apparently, Logan recorded it secretly while watching it. So if he releases the video, the quality might not be the best. Because it’s a recording of a video on a tv. James Fox claims the video is amazing. Hope to see it one day.

  3. New to this realm. Don’t know anything about experts besides watching podcasts.

    My take is if its not groundbreaking to the common eye then there is cause for suspicion. Logan didn’t seem impressed and that was enough for me to be less excited about the footage.

    This seems like one of those things where the legend is more exciting than the actual thing so thats why its being kept a secret by even Logan himself

  4. Take this with a pinch 🤏🏻 of salt to the non believers. Before your great great great grandparents elders E.T.’s have been around before dinosaurs. It’s funny how you have already most of you have made your mind up on the story being BS. The way James was talking to Paul about how the ET were hovering over the car is so similar to the swaying motion of scanning the occupants within the car. This happens to multiple abduction cases with people in cars. But hey you know best!!

    Deny deny, deny..

  5. This is how «disclosure» is working, and they are trying to spread the message to a whole different audience than us, to really get the word out that something is happening that needs paid attention too.

  6. There is a video circulating around that matches the same description of a wobbly ufo hovering over a car with green lasers scanning car. It is interesting but not enough to get too excited about.

    I say it is legit but unimpressive. The angle of filming leads me to think it could possibly be staged. Ufo looks legit, but lasers are suspect.

    I think Varghina or Colares (Belem) Brazil has better proof that can be validated by both civilian and government/military eye witnesses. The only problem is people keep disappearing when someone talks

  7. To be honest I don’t fucking care. Anything coming from those morons will never be taken seriously no matter how good is. Not even a grain of disclosure will come from idiots.

    Watching that shitshow with Logan was utterly embarrassing. Kid punks!

  8. Why is it ALWAYS yet another media/new media huckster that has miraculously secured access to the latest and greatest piece of evidence?! More hype, more promises delayed, ultimately another indistinguishable blob unveiled.

  9. I don’t know anything about LP, but I’m not ready to flat out dismiss the existence of a compelling video simply because he is LP. To me that wouldn’t make much sense. I can think of reasons for why someone would hesitate and try to find the right moment to release something (possibly) truly unique. But at this stage I don’t believe anything before I see it. I think Fox has every right to talk about what he has seen and what it is about. I don’t have to engage with it is I don’t want to.

  10. Soooooo can someone tell me — what the footage is apparently of, who took it, how the guy in the shack got it and is holding onto it, how James Fox knows about it, and what Bob Lazar has to do with the footage?

  11. What troubles me about videos like this is that the camera loses focus frequently. Why is that so? As far as the camera optics is concerned, the target is essentially at infinity. So why does it lose focus?

  12. My opinion [I am a believer] is you guys got distracted by the Weekly World tabloid at the checkout stand.

    Don’t wallow in the least credible source of news and then complain about how questionable the source is.

  13. The only thing about this scenario is Logan has enough money to be able to realistically obtain this stuff from hesitant people and Tom DeLonge has shown us celebrities can be involved in this.

    Also, outside of being a scarily good pro wrestler for a rookie, Logan doesn’t have much else to appreciate.

  14. I want to know why Jake Paul stole the video secretly because “it didn’t belong to him” and now he won’t release the footage to us. Doesn’t belong to you either Jake so should we just offer you money and then steal it again? Or he didn’t get any footage at all and this is his cover for failing a snatch n grab.

  15. He is trying to get more attention to himself so to gain fame, «ow look I have this ufo footage it looks so epic» but I will release it whenever I feel like it.

    He is milking this as much as he can, maybe he expects someone to pay him for that stolen film, I highly doubt he will release it, all talk no action.

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