34,2219° с.ш., 83,9691° з.д. 5-8-2023

Сегодня еще один в небе над озером.

34.2219° N, 83.9691° W 5-8-2023
byu/Important-Deer-7519 inUFOs

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  1. If the object doesnt do anything a balloon couldn’t do, then the most probable explanation is a balloon, even if some UFOs are real non-human objects, most of the objects in the sky are mundane

  2. A lot of you called BS so I drove down myself.

    20 minutes of messing around in the back yard and this happens to catch our eyes.

    His neighbors down the drive said they see them a lot during the hottest parts of the year and that they stay away from fishing the deeper parts of the lake also just as a rule of thumb.

    I’ve also heard quiet whispers of why everyone was really evacuated so quickly by the army core of engineers and the area of oscarville flooded. The Others wanted it.

  3. You get tag by their drone. I have one similar video very close to this one and have been tag also by one drone just passed 5m up my head. When they are detected by someone like this video, they send a drone i dont know why… great capture

  4. Called bs on what? I think everyone is missing a ton of context here. Please explain. All I see is something floating around and then you saying «A lot of you called bs so I drove down». I am so lost.

  5. Come on guys .. I thought joining this channel I was going to be fast tracked to having the first official intergalactic date!

    All I have seen so far are floating garbage bags.

    I am a believer, I want to believe, but you are not trying hard enough.. not even trying at all !!

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