США отслеживают более 650 потенциальных НЛО

США отслеживают более 650 потенциальных НЛО

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  1. I’ve posted this many times before, but I also saw a sphere, flying low, directly over my house. It was probably moving about 40 mph if I were to guess.

    At first my wife, her friend, and I thought it was a white balloon, but it didn’t appear to be affected by the wind and kept flying in a straight line off into the distance. I reported this to MUFON, and they showed me pics of high altitude balloons that I could have mistaken it for.

    That couldn’t have been it because it looked to be a few hundred feet off the ground..nowhere near where a high altitude balloon would fly.

    They asked, «If you straightened your arm in front of you and put your thumb up, how big was it?» I told the lady it was about half of my fingernail. When I said that it appeared to be roughly 3-5′ in diameter, she agreed with my estimate and said they can only say it was unidentified.

    Wish I would have recorded it, but my chance passed. I chose to watch it instead.

  2. The government are never going to admit it,the only thing is if one crashed and people flipped out there phones,think about this why do they never shot at them,but there quick to shoot down 🎈 a believe Bob Lazar 100% is telling the truth,and it’s never spoke about Al hush hush,they have UFO,s a think some are the airforce testing them,not Al though Bob Lazar also said the craft has a USA flag on one

  3. The UFO shown above looks really close to what I saw yesterday. Saw it glinting in the sky as a passenger en route to a drop off. It was stationary by all appearances and was smallish-looking (like you’d say a plane would’ve been larger). Then when we grew near and looked again there was nothing there. There was a plane flying overhead with a trail behind it but this thing was lower and not moving (and the more circular/oval shape).

  4. military tech. some isolated black project that has science 10-20 years in the future.

    its peculiar they always show up around other military.


    too much of a coincidence… they just testing normal military response.

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