Замечательное заявление Кевина Дэя

[https://twitter.com/tinyklaus/status/1652002613540405248?s=20](https://twitter.com/tinyklaus/status/1652002613540405248?s=20). Самое мощное заявление, которое я слышал об НЛО. Нам лучше быть готовыми, всем нам, потому что, если подумать, это может разделить людей на фундаментальном уровне, если мы этого не сделаем.

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  1. I’ve definitely seen UFOs on the outskirts of Vegas and in the desert outside of Barstow California. I went vegan for two years (body never tolerated dairy but I gave up meat for some weird reason, like it didn’t feel right eating meat) but I’ve picked up new hobbies along the way. I’ve never been musically inclined but I bought a guitar, two years later (now) I bought a MPC machine to make real beats on.

    I think people need to entertain thoughts or ideas. Not to necessarily believe, but just to simply say “could this be possible” I think when people hit that level of consciousness it’ll make the “reveal” of aliens or ufos a bit easier for people to comprehend when it actually does come out into the light.

  2. I don’t get it. Wasn’t he a radar operator inside an aircraft carrier? How was he exposed enough to change and have special skills? Maybe I’m mixing him up with someone else.

  3. This is no different than a group of friends all dropping acid together for the first time. Some pierce the dimensional walls between god and matter, while others curl up in the corner in the fetal position trying to clench to anything familiar. Makes me wonder if psychedelics were perhaps planted here intentionally to help grease the skids of the human psyche, if you will, for the radical changes to come.

  4. I particularly like this bit by one of my favorite new comedians: [uniting against attacking aliens](https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ZdjzJcJWOnY).

    I think there is merit to what Kevin is say — at least some of it. When you observe the phenomenon personally, you will have a change, but it likely won’t be «new powers» and whatnot. Sometimes a mere change or expansion of perspective can be significant enough. When I witnessed what I witnessed while experimenting with CE-5 throughout 2020, I was left with a vastly new perspective that we just don’t realize how bizarre our reality really is and our rigid, structured view of what can be and what actually is will end up being far from the truth.

  5. I agree with this. After my sighting of an orange/red disc in 2021 I had dramatic changes to my mind.

    I was almost immediately a vegetarian. It was like an empathy switch had been turned in in my brain and I was suddenly horrified by the idea of eating flesh.

    My lifelong interest in martial arts, and all my rage were just gone.

    My girlfriend described me as seeming lighter, less weighed down by anger and frustration.

    That plus 4 months of hitchhiker effects made for a very bizarre experience.

  6. We are consciousness-wise not ready for such a leap. At least most of us are not. We are too violent and greedy for ET to want to openly meet us just yet. But this does not mean that the governments of the whole world should lie to the citizens of the entire planet. It just doesn’t make any sense. Making it an open dialogue is probably the best way to help us humans to shift our consciousness.

  7. I wanted to see a flying saucer my whole life. When i finally saw a real flying saucer it was very happy for but an instant. The happiness was rapidly replaced by fright. It sacred the hell out of me that: 1.There martians are real and they are here and 2. The government has been lying to us about literally everything from physics to metaphysics and everything in between. My firmament was shaken. All the conspiracies were (and are)possible. The «Gnomes of Zurich» that control the whole world are rotten to the core. The truth doesn’t come with superpowers, but it does come with insight as to why there is so much suffering in the world; where scarcity is an artificial construct, And, it also brings an understanding as to how that suffering is maintained.

  8. This guy seems unstable, IDK. Not everyone (in fact, very few, I think) will have this sort of reaction. People’s attention spans these days are nil. If you can keep them off their social media accounts long enough for them to worry about first contact/ disclosure and all that may come with it…maybe. But I doubt it.

  9. Has Kevin considered that the multiple hits he saw on radar, «dropping out of sky and headed as if toward Guadalupe island» (paraphrase) was an experiment testing a new version of decoys that fighter jets emit to scramble or confuse enemy radar.? The fact that that obvious consideration has not eveb been publicly addressed by him in all the media he did/Does makes me think this is all a bunch of junk and bs. He seems really dumb and odd, besides that

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