Ветеран описывает странную встречу с инопланетянами во Вьетнаме

Ветеран описывает странную встречу с инопланетянами во Вьетнаме


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  1. Sgt. Stone’s most remarkable story was again while in Vietnam, when they were defending the top of mount Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin Mountain).

    He and his squad realized there was a hidden entry at the top of the mountain that lead down, and they had no choice but to go through it to hide form the overwhelming Vietcong force. They went down into the heart of Nui Ba Den only to find there was a sort of secret chamber which had walls you could see through to the outside but not the other way around. ET entities (greys) appeared shortly after and he again tried to fire onto them out of fear but the bullets did not go off at all. He was given more telepathic messages and him and the squad were all suddenly knocked out and later they found themselves at the top again.

    There is a legit audio recording of this same story on the web. It sounds like a book tale but such secret observational chambers have been found in many places around the world.

  2. Aliens would never have allowed him to shoot. Aliens read your thoughts as your brain produces it not as you become aware of the thought or when you act upon it. You are to them acting in slow motion. So they certainly would have incapacitated him before he could act.

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