UFOJoe предоставляет больше контекста и подробностей истории Логана Пола и UfoWatchdog (Росс) о встрече с Чаком Кларком из-за его «удивительного видео с НЛО», за которое ему предложили 200 тысяч долларов, но он отказался.

UFOJoe предоставляет больше контекста и подробностей истории Логана Пола и UfoWatchdog (Росс) о встрече с Чаком Кларком из-за его «удивительного видео с НЛО», за которое ему предложили 200 тысяч долларов, но он отказался.

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  1. Submission Statement:

    Full Logan Paul and UfoWatchdog story about meeting Chuck Clark told by UfoWatchdog himself transcribed by UFOJoe from Twitter:

    @UfoWatchdog Spaces about the Chuck Clark UFO video that is, allegedly, the best UFO video ever.

    I’ll do my best to live tweet this but I’ll have to go if the boss calls. If I disappear, that’s why.

    Ross got interested in UFOs after seeing something with a friend of his.

    Heard about a tape and he contacted the guy, Chuck Clark (CC), who had the tape. The best UFO video ever! 🙂 He tracked down CC and called him. CC was very nice and gracious. Ross asked if he could go and see it and CC said…sure. Come on, down.

    This was in 2020. Ross spoke to @jamescfox and told him he was going to see it. James was excited.

    Fox calls him and said, «I’m sitting here with @LoganPaul .» Ross didn’t believe him. Fox had just been on Logan’s podcast and told Ross that Logan wanted to see the tape and possibly buy it.

    Ross called CC and he said, «Sure, your friend can come.»

    Ross flew out and met Logan in a small town, two hours from the airport where Ross landed. Logan said he wanted to buy the footage as an investment and there might be some money down the line. The agreement was I (Ross) get the tape and we get it analyzed before it’s released. Logan agreed.

    They met with CC and the tape is showed. Watched it 5 or 6 times. And while he’s watching, he’s taking notes. Ross explained what’s on the tape, which I’ve tweeted about before. The folks on the tape are near Rachel, near Area 51 and filming some tower and the security teams in their vehicles. Video cuts off and the shot is of Groom Lake Rd, a long stretch of dirt road with some gravel on it. This was during the day.

    In total, that part of tape is a minute or a minute and 30 seconds.

    Cut to nighttime. The guys are freaking out and an orange light is coming through the car. One guy said he’s going outside and the other guy says, «No, stay in here.» The guy outside pans up, and what appears to be in close proximity to them, is a classic flying saucer. It’s glowing. The stills (that I tweeted) are horrible. Shot off an old tube, big screen TV set. And the tape CC was playing it on was an old VHS tape that is degraded. So the screen shots are of a camera shooting the TV. He took one of them and took an ink pen and roughly sketched over what he remembered seeing.

    Disc tends to tip down a bit to where you can see the top. Not like on a string. Orange and glowing, and you can see what Ross refers to as manufacturing lines. And he drew that and put it out.

    It’s got a weird motion to it. Controlled movement. Then you hear, «Shit, the batteries, » and not long after, there tape cuts out.

    Hard to say how big or how far away it was bc it was at night.

    Logan was with him when he watched him. Logan had other folks with him but only Logan was allowed in with Ross.

    Logan brought $200,000 cash with him to purchase the tape. CC refused any money. Ross looked at CC bc he wanted to analyze the tape and maybe find out the identities of the guys on it.

    Ross asked CC what he would do if. a ton of money was offered and CC said, «No, no.»

    Went outside and talked to Chuck and then Logan left.

    Initially, CC would not give Ross the name of the person who gave CC the tape. But he said hr would put Ross in contact with him. Ross left.

    Eventually, CC gave Ross the name of the person who gave him (CC) the tape. But that person had passed away from cancer a few months before Ross would contact him. Ross spoke to people who were close with the guy (close friends and family) but they didn’t know about the tape.

    Ross got very sick and that slowed him down a bit.

    Next thing Ross realized, somebody says that Logan Paul had the tape. Then he found out that Fox told us (on Rogan) that Logan had recorded the footage with a hidden cam. Ross was furious when he found out. Ross had been invited into CC’s home and that was not okay with him. He did not know that it happened. (Ross says he’s trying not to blow up about that).

    Ross says his credibility means a whole lot to him. So, after he found that Logan taped it covertly, he called CC and told him. Chuck was very gracious to hear Ross’ side of the story and accept the, «hundred apologies I gave to him.» CC was nice and Ross told him everything that was going on and that he didn’t know it was recorded. So, Ross’ relationship is preserved and CC invite him back out to hang out. CC was like, «What are you gonna do? You didn’t know.»

    Chuck still has the tape and it’s still in the same condition, and he heavily hinted that he may release it.

    Gotta go! Show starting soon.

  2. Could not give less of a crap about saucer footage. It could be 24 hours long and as detailed as you want.

    After 80 years of secret development, if you are interested in this subject and dont 100% know that WE HAVE THIS TECH then your opinion is WORTHLESS.

    If you think for a second that this is evidence of anything else then you are no better than a lemming whose only purpose is to spread disinformation.

    At this point I don’t even know what’s possible with faking an alien being so God knows what would constitute proof of aliens visiting.

    Whole things become a shit show now.

    It’s too late for disclosure.

  3. Of course the Paul brother is a fucking villain again. I hate those twats. He’s not doing it as some honorable mission to release hidden footage, he wants an investment. Greediest son of a bitch around.

    If he’s so dead set on using ufo/uap/et things as money making projects, at least leverage his assets and connections to get something out to the public, to get some footage from active duty folks or intelligence assets. Trying to steal it from a guy who just wants to make sure it’s fully vetted before releasing it is lame.

  4. This is such bullshit. Might be released .. why might? You want to show the truth or not.. it’s weird people devoting there lives to a stance then when proof is here they get dismissive and unwilling.

    Even the people that claim to have an NDA. Like who gives a f*** you think the world will be the same if you have proof of aliens being here after you tell people you think the governments actually going to come after you because you told the world about aliens. It’s f****** bogus

  5. Manufacturer lines…Rachel Nevada…the black mail box…area 51…. its fake and everyone is buying into it, who says oh shit the batteries right in the middle of a very stressful situation like that, its the last thing I’m going to be thinking about while a craft is hovering over my car. This all smells fake as hell.

  6. All you have to do is look at the fact that logan paul is involved. The last few years the dude has been doing nothing but trying to rake in all the money he possibly can from whatever projects/schemes/hype marketing he comes up with. He is shameless about it and doesnt even try to hide it, dude plugs prime every 5 seconds or whatever else garbage product/project he is trying to shovel.

    This fits his MO perfectly, perfect free global wide self advertisement and promotion for him, his other ventures, and anyone/anything else associated with it. And of course, its happening right now….when the ufo topic has never been more active and publicized… what impeccable timing lol … they knew this shit would get reach…

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