НЛО? Я не знаю, что это такое. Так что технически он неидентифицирован. Чужак? Не уверен. Помощь

Кто-нибудь, скажите мне, что это такое.

UFO? I don’t know what it is. So technically it is unidentified. Alien? Not so sure. Help
byu/The_Boys_Podcast inaliens

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  1. +1 for crop duster. A lot dont have radios and so probably trying to clear the active runway quickly.

    Most modern dusters have turbo prop engines and their wings produce a ton of lift while being rated for +4 G force.

    The plane appears to initiate a knife edge turn towards the camera before flipping off the landing lights. You can see the red and green wingtip markers flashing as well.

    Most likely having a little fun with an empty plane.

  2. Private pilot here — that’s definitely a plane. However, the video is still pretty rad. That pilot banked like he was in a dogfight. LOL

    ETA: looks like the pilot was just doing a touch-and-go landing

  3. I agree with crop duster. My bf & I were out sky watching one night and saw this exact thing. We started freaking tf out until our eyes adjusted enough to see that we were parked across the street from a farm.

    For context, we sky watch on clear nights for satellites and meteor showers and stuff. Amateur hobby, we enjoy it. We’re not specifically looking for UFOs, but looking at the sky long enough you see some weird shit. We have, but we figured out the crop dusting thing pretty quickly.

  4. Incredible video, a plane can’t move that quickly also the video starts with the object airborne then it looks like a touch and go, but even if this was a plane, it would have to be something large like Boeing 747, and why would a boing 747 do a touch and go in such a weird angle, also a boing 747 can’t maneuver or move that quickly.

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