Дело Варгиньи — Файлы «Почему» — Премьера в 21:00 по восточному стандартному времени

Дело Варгиньи — Файлы «Почему» — Премьера в 21:00 по восточному стандартному времени

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  1. Submission statement: The Why Files is premiering an episode on the Varginha case at 9PM EST.

    This sub should be well aware of the case at this point, this video will likely recap much of the known story.

    The Why files is a Youtube channel covering most things in the conspiracy realm, some science, and miscellaneous topics.

  2. I love WF and Hecklefish is king.

    But there is one thing in this episode I cannot understand. He claim that Eric Lopes can settle this case? I wonder what makes him special as a witness? Other witnesses was close to the thing too.

  3. He just outdid James Fox with a short video he probably made in a week or two.

    Because he actually tells both sides of the story, including all the holes and changed witness testimony. Instead of spending 90mins cherry picking only what’s most likely to convince people of one narrative.

    This needs to be a big wake up call to UFO doco makers, all of which are absolute trash even when compared to James Fox. If you want to make a serious doco, be impartial or you’re just targetting the loonies who’ve already convinced themselves of something — you’ll never get a mainstream audience.

    I am fully expecting the vid to get hit with copyright claims, it’s a pretty bad look that a clever guy in his basement can do a better job than professional directors with full crews.

  4. My favorite show, I look forward to Thursday night every week.

    I hate to say it but James Fox looks like a clown to me after seeing the evidence presented by AJ. Which is totally a bummer. He makes great documentaries but I’m not sure how he could miss all the evidence presented. Fox might have been in the rabbit hole too long and is a true blue believer now. And just recently with the Jake Paul video situation, Fox made it sound like this was the smoking gun that would settle the debate. Jake was so unsure of the footage he doesn’t want to release it and look like an idiot.

    I don’t think Fox is a grifter in any way. But I do think he might be putting his want to believe before rational critical thinking. Like Joe Rogan with Lazar.

    Also sub to The Why Files!!! You will love it

  5. Ahhh the Why Files. I fucking love AJ and Hecklefish. They have a great editing team too! Best channel on YouTube! I am still going to watch Moment of Contact today regardless of how much inconsistencies it has.

    I wish people would stop comparing Varginha to Roswell though.

    Roswell is a case that has enough holes and inconsistencies, that it severely makes a skeptic/ reader/ viewer doubt the Governments intentions and statements.

    Whereas the Varginha case has enough holes and inconsistencies to make you doubt the witnesses.

  6. I enjoy this channel quite a bit. I look forward to the new episodes. But the debunks at the end are a little overly simplified. And it’s often not really clear where his info he’s using to debunk things is coming from.

  7. I had never heard that bit about one of the firefighters who captured the other being having died a week later of a strange infection as well. Anyone have more information on that? I knew about the soldier but not the firefighter.

  8. Can’t help but to comment and show love for The Why Files. At the end of every video AJ lays everything out on the table, facts, proof, problems with the stories, other info that he has come across from digging, as well as his opinion. It’s exactly what I want to see. Heckle-fish was kind of annoying to me at first but I like him now, lol.

  9. My wife was like oh yea he kinda debunks this one in the end. I said hmm I dont know how he could do that with this case, James fox made it seem so believable! At the end, I was like damn this is why I love the why files. So objective. I didn’t want this case to be a sham but it seems like it is. James fox is just a confirmation bias whore

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