Опознаны UAP в форме пирамиды с корабля ВМС США

Опознаны UAP в форме пирамиды с корабля ВМС США

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  1. Bollocks.

    He had to spin the pic around to to get it to fit the way he wanted. That’s not how it works.

    With the number of stars in the sky, it’s not hard to find something that lines up with some manipulation.

    He thinks people don’t remember that the triangles had a rhythmic flash to them, he ignored that.

    The sound from the original video has no engine noise coming from the triangles.

    Something that size would make a lot of noise if they were using propellers or jet engines to hang motionless in the sky.

    Where’s the visible means of propulsion that would be picked up by the night vision?

  2. Early on, that object was properly identified as a conventtional aircraft that took on the shape of the lenses triangular iris caused by the well-known bokeh effect.

    Yet all the major media outlets still use it as a recent example of possible alien craft visiting us. When it’s possibly real like the Naval tic-tac videos, they are marginalized, barely discussed, but the mistaken passenger jet that is certainly not anything mysterious is the one that is always shown as a possible alien ship.

    There is never an event that everyone agrees on, never a sighting that brings everyone together to acknowledge a common conclusion.
    This is our fate until more substantial evidence comes from the source, like actual face to face meetings with extraterrestrial visitors, with everything documented professionally. Until then, we will fail to agree on anything of substance.

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