Как долго можно игнорировать увечья скота?

Этот материал был опубликован в New York Post в 2016 году и рассказывает о поразительной истине за 10 000 случаями увечий крупного рогатого скота в центре Америки. С момента той статьи, число инцидентов в Техасе, по данным на данный момент, увеличилось. Ознакомьтесь с более свежей информацией здесь: ссылка на статью NBCDFW.

Как долго можно оставаться равнодушными к этим ужасным случаям увечий крупного рогатого скота? Здесь не может быть дело рук хищников, ведь обычно они оставляют следы борьбы, а в данном случае речь идет о хирургически точных увечьях без каких-либо признаков сопротивления. Поразительно, что никто не пытается получить награду за информацию, исчезновение таких признаков хищничества вызывает большие вопросы.

Мы должны также задаться вопросом, почему нет активной оперативной группы, занимающейся расследованием, и почему государственный интерес к этому явлению также оставляет желать лучшего.



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  1. Did you see those human mutilations too? They’re the exact same as the cattle mutilations. Scares the crap outta me.

    What can they want with eyeballs and lips? What can they learn by coring someone’s anus or a third stomach?

    I think this thing is ignored because it’s so frightening.

  2. What I don’t understand is why would something only target cattle? There are many other animals that reside in penned in enclosures such as horses. Why would it target cows and go on for so long? If it’s for science, shouldn’t they have the data collected by now?

  3. Any comment on the lack of predators eating the carcass? Could it be those critters from the same as the Brazil crash and as such the strong smell of ammonia? Everywhere they went and crashed it stunk of it and days after people could still smell it in their noses. That would put off predators 🤷‍♂️ I also don’t think they are friendly types, so this crazy and lack of care matches their mo. Thoughts welcome. Either that or it’s experimental but the numbers wow….

  4. Why leave the carcasses? Surely they could throw it at the sun or something. No reason to leave evidence. Makes no sense. Might not be a popular opinion here but leaving the dead like that makes me think it’s not aliens. I did watch on report when a couple did see 3 greys doing something to a laying down cow and they floated it on to the ship after. That’s the only time I know of that I can say it might have something to do with it. Also the 3 guys who saw them take a elk. They never confirmed the elk found a few days later was the same elk. Remember if they have the tech to get here at will they have no reason to leave it behind. It sounds so lazy of them and it’s sounds clumsy to not think people wouldn’t catch on. I know skeptics will say it’s a natural process but it still could be some sick people doing it. At least I can understand people would have a prob moving a dead cow.

  5. Right. Where is the privately funded interdisciplinary task force assembled to investigate these? Why doesn’t someone like Bigelow set up a team?

    I’m tired over how disorganized this field is. Here is potential physical evidence of the phenomenon! Yet it’s only looked at seemingly haphazardly

  6. I live in Texas. Little context..

    Where it happened at is in the middle of no where. In other words you wouldn’t be anywhere over there unless you lived there and absolutely had to be there.

    So yes this is highly unusual and suspicious. I’m tired of all the BS government responses.

  7. Don’t forget the human mutilations!


    Many are classified decades after the fact so we don’t hear about them, like this one from 1971 in Tellebang Australia where a farmer’s son was found dead next to a circular burn mark in the grass with “strange” facial injuries that remain unreported (and his father was not allowed to see). Authorities claimed it to be a standard farm death, but for some reason it remains classified until 2037:

    There’s not a lot on the Tellebang story, but here’s some links:
    * https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/4vyyo2/in_1971_a_man_was_found_dead_with_strange_facial/
    * https://vimeo.com/115633820
    * Book detailing case: https://www.amazon.com/Paranormal-File-author-JOHN-PINKNEY-ebook/dp/B004MYG6XK
    * https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/bundaberg/former-queensland-mp-lindsay-hartwig-claimed-a-ufo-was-behind-the-death-of-his-teenage-son-near-bundaberg/news-story/ca4bc1e62a0ffebefd9d7d543f3efbf5?amp
    * The murder file: https://www.archivessearch.qld.gov.au/items/ITM791494

  8. Yea. This is insane that this has been ignored this long. Incredible. That’s a story in itself. That’s what makes this topic so fascinating to me. So many mind boggling front page stories that spawn from one subject. Pick your poison. The cover up. The phenomenon itself. Abductions. Cattle mutilations. The planet changing technology. I can go on. Their relationship to nuclear weapons anyone? How about the ocean how they are coming from there also? So many layers to this onion.

  9. Collecting animal specimens may be part of some unknown treaty with E.T. and Humans. I have considered they (cow/animals/human and parts of them) are collected for food/farming, biological experiments or to help patch up some cow looking Creature(s). Some extractions I have considered were or are from pirate like E.T. who sneak on worlds illegally for materials biological and non biological then sneak back off world…

  10. Animal mutilations cases all go after stratified squamous epithelium, and they seem to want to go after non-serrated basal keratinocytes and their progenitor cells. They are seeking keratin. Use this knowledge as you see fit.

  11. If they are so advanced in technology, why wouldn’t they just make cows? I mean why cows? They nothing special, I’m sure they can grab some DNA and throw it in the blender and bam.. cow. Then they can produce many cows on their mother ship or home planet and do all the cow stuff they want. It makes no since at all to travel so far to a blue planet and steal cow tongues. I could see grabbing a few cows, but also so many more animals to examine. So my opinion is either there is something special about the certain cow parts they take or it’s a top secret military operation to try out and perfect some new technology.

  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/aliens/comments/12yx3vk/cattle_mutilations_are_the_closest_thing_we_have/jhqunqe/

    A team of scientists from NASA and MIT graduates brought all possible instruments there — cameras, spectrometers, spectrographs, gamma-rays, X-rays, UV, IR, all fields, and they saw things that I, who have been researching this for ten years , I was left with my mouth open. not only me I spoke with Prof. Itzik Ben-Israel (currently the chairman of the Space Agency) who always chuckled a little, and he was also thrilled.»

    [Regarding cattle mutilations] You see the radiation jump, and you see how a shape-changing body arrives, light comes out of it at a frequency that you cannot see with the naked eye — in fact, you see nothing when you look normally — but with the cameras, at the high frequencies, you see this body perform» Kill from utilization’ — drawing blood from the cattle on the ground in front of your eyes.»»

    What exactly did they see?

    «Something like a cloud like that. Like you draw a ghost for children. It’s like an undefined, amorphous cloud, and the horns come out of it, and you see the cow twitching. And when it’s over, everyone runs to the field to see, and there’s nothing there, no blood — but the cow’s body has a cut which is like with a laser. They removed the organs and pumped the blood»

  13. One thing that is the problem is scientists that won’t even consider going to examine these animals! They look at a photo and just say predators . Kinda like people looking at a ufo that the US Navy has on video,and radar, with many witnesses and saying blindly that it’s a Balloon! Some things will never be solved because of these scientists afraid to look outside the box.

  14. Normal predation. In the seventies they took a dead cow, left it out in a random location where this was supposively going on. The corpse had the same markers that people are losing their minds over now. They’re not precision cuts, and the soft items missing, are ones predictors usually go for first. Until the dead cow softens up, a lot of predators can’t get to the goodies. Many animals won’t touch a long dead carcas. Mainly vultures are eating the long dead ones, and by the time coyotes find them, their too rotten for them. Add in the internet factor, where people make mountains out of mole hills to push their non scientific belief, and shit gets exaggerated beyond belief. I’ve seen deer sit on the side of the road for weeks, and rot before scavengers find them. Just because someone says it’s unusual, doesn’t make it unusual. Nobody is an expert on everything, including cattle ranchers. Only careful study, following the scientific method can do that. When several PHDs in taphonomy testifies to the strangeness of cattle «mutilations», then I’ll pay attention. Otherwise, I’ll keep an open, but skeptical mind.

    P. S. I do believe in other intelligent life forms in this universe, or others, not so much this planet, but I could be convinced that there is something happening here, but it takes hard evidence, not internet hearsay.

  15. I’ve wondered if they could be part of an elite commando training where soldiers are supposed to traverse a rural area undetected to an extraction point having to cut away the most protein rich parts for survival to keep on the move.

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