Кадры Older Brazil Tic Tac UAP

Кадры Older Brazil Tic Tac UAP

Footage of Older Brazil Tic Tac UAP
byu/Adventurous-Ear9433 inaliens

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  1. Brazilian guy here. It’s all wrong. This couple is from the 1996 Varginha Case, and they have footage but it’s not that one (you can see it on James Fox “Moment of Contact”.) The first vídeo is from a small red orb also in Brazil (São Paulo), another famous event the lasted almost 40 minutes. And the last one showing a cigar shaped ufo is new to me.

  2. Off topic but I’m a big fan of yours as you know… do you have anything on the moon? I looked through your history and didn’t see anything, wondering if you have any material on that?

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