Сегодня нашла это возле своего дома, понятия не имею что это

расположен в Лоренсвилле, Джорджия

Found this outside my house today, I have no idea what it is
byu/FuglyTrashPanda inUFOs

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  1. Why do you expect us to be able to tell you what a dot in the sky which looks like a balloon is without basic information such as the location of the sighting, the date and time and direction you’re facing?

  2. Can you approximate the direction you were looking, and the time of day?

    (360° relative from north?)

    I split the video into frames, I have the approximate bearing. Seems to be drifting with the wind, but I can’t be sure unless I have time and direction. (Would help me lookup wind speeds, planes, satellites etc)

  3. Found this outside my home (lawrencville, ga) and I cant figure out what it is. I tried zooming in and seeing it but its too far out, thinking it’s a drone but I’m mot too sure. Tell me what you think about it

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