Невероятное видео Cigar НЛО над Венгрией, Csobanka в 2020 году.

Невероятное видео Cigar НЛО над Венгрией, Csobanka в 2020 году.

Incredible video of Cigar UFO over Hungary, Csobanka in 2020.
byu/user678990655 inaliens

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  1. If we ever find out what these things are doing, my bet is that these UAPs that are smaller in size are monitors. They’re probably filled with instruments that keep tabs on all sorts of parameters. I mean for what other purpose would an entity have small vehicles flying around our skies? Unless maybe the aliens are very, very small.

  2. Interesting how it seems intent on staying concealed just within the clouds. When it becomes visible, it turns and dives right back into them. That doesn’t immediately scream “non-human,” but it does indicate intelligence of some sort. If it was faulty equipment. or a piece of something else randomly falling from a higher altitude, it wouldn’t be the least bit concerned with sticking close to the cloud cover.

    Edit: Seems like that should also indicate that it’s flying by sight, or maybe by sensing humidity.

  3. I really hope that when people go out UFO hunting or sky looking, they bring stereoscopic cameras. It would instantly debunk 90% of vids as bugs or other shit close to the camera.

  4. Something about these makes me feel as though it’s some sort of illusion. I don’t mean it in a dismissive way like it’s anything normal, exactly the opposite. I feel like these are some sort of holograph especially after seeing some videos where the UAP reform or break into stranger geometry that is sometimes unsymmetrical.

    Alternatively, I also wonder if this entire UAP is a being rather than a craft. A lot of people say drones, but what if there is some sort of rogue AI questing the universe after the collapse of a distant dominant species. If it is some sort of a drone, perhaps something as brutal as humanity is too far to visit, but collecting information to evaluate the risk of an invasion.

  5. Shouldnt something traveling at that speed be creating mach waves? I guess i dont know the exact velocity but it appears to be traveling very fast. Maybe it is suoersonic but the waves are so small we cant tell? Definitely fascinating footage!

  6. If its all the same object in each clip, from 0:10-0:12 it really looks like a bird. I think the shape looks like flapping wings, although in every other shot it looks completely different.

  7. The originator of the video concluded that it was sparrows. You can see some similar light effects in the bottom left of the HD version. Possibly more birds/bugs reflecting the light in a strange way?

  8. Apparently they ride ‘gravity waves?’. I think that was the description. Essentially similar to the jet stream but criss crossing the skies. When planes or other airborne man made objects cross these waves and cut through them it causes harm.

  9. I honestly think that an intelligent species (most likely a few different ones) from the Milky Way Galaxy have sent out dozens of crafts that control themselves and go to Solar system after solar system, mapping each one, it’s planets, their compositions, etc.
    When they find life yielding planets they send these drones to do comprehensive studies of its land, waters and all living things, etc.

    In an instance like Earth, where a primitive species has begun to evolve and become “self aware”, it has extended stays, possibly send more drones with other capabilities to do life long more In Depth studies.

    Maybe send permanent stations under water to assist in energy use, sending info and maybe even possibly sending themselves at one point for more control and study.

    Either way, it would not be difficult for a species so much more advanced than us to navigate and map this galaxy like we did with Earth after having the ability to travel from continent to continent. It’s simply a bigger picture.

    If anything it seems much more the sensible thing that would happen.

  10. What separates the Navy videos from others is the corroborating data. Everything else we see that are just videos could easily be CGI. An amateur could make a video like this with CGI in 10 minutes probably, so there’s more reason to be skeptical than to believe it’s anything at all.

    I’m not understanding why everyone’s leaping to assuming it’s real in the first place. We live in the year 2023. We have technology that can easily create this that all of us can access.

    I saw the comment about it being a bird and that’s possible too, but I’m unsure how it was confirmed that the guy commenting on the video is actually the person who originally filmed it (and not just a debunker reviewing the video), and what the odds are of him then seeing the same bird performing the same actions days later.

    It seems pretty high for a swallow, so I’m not sure about that but anything’s possible I suppose. I’m leaning more towards thinking it’s CGI. The music isn’t helping me take it seriously either.

  11. I’m sure this has been mentioned and debunked but didn’t Russia describe a hypersonic missile that move like this does?

    For what it’s worth I don’t think that’s what it is and even if it is I doubt it would be Russia’s but it is a few years old, right around the time they were threatening it on 60 minutes I believe.

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