Черный НЛО засняли неподвижным во Франции возле оживленной трассы — 07.11.2020

Черный НЛО засняли неподвижным во Франции возле оживленной трассы — 07.11.2020

Black UFO filmed not moving in France near busy highway — 11/7/2020
byu/user678990655 inaliens

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  1. This video is insane if real, and the downvotes are odd considering it’s not *obviously* faked. People talking about the background and shit are seemingly just making things up. The object appears to shake and match the background with the rest of the objects in the video. Seems like a solid vid that is being hit with the downvote bots and shill debunkers.

  2. This sighting is awfully similar (dare I say identical) to a sighting we received in the Netherlands on January 21st. Although the video is very short, you should have no trouble seeing the resemblance.


    The witness described that it was stationary for about 20 minutes, at which point he had to move inside for a movie he was going to see. It moved sideways once, and up and down twice. The witness also mentioned the object was pitch black, like a spot pasted against the sky.

    Interestingly, the witness also described that he noticed multiple people taking pictures/video of the object, but was only able to find one on TikTok that had some foul language.

    Edit: you can find more videos in the Disqus comments at the bottom of the linked page.

  3. 30 minutes of footage? I wouldve plugged in my battery pack and stood on that busy highway for 7 hours, because people don’t have work or appointments or lives. Thats the only way to prove your worth on the internet. Why try that hard? Nobody is going to believe any cell phone footage ever.

  4. It’s fake everyone knows ufos aren’t black that’s not their* (corrected by the grammar police who jack off to correct grammar on an app where we all say things like lol omfg rofl lmao) style. They ride on chrome with pop trunk and 15” kickers jammin chief keef “pussy boi don’t waaann war”


  5. Without a witness statement, this UFO video is trash. The name given is Andre Dzhazovskyi, but that doesn’t help us unless he comes forward.

    Right at the beginning of the video I see two poles. What are they? I’m wondering if the object is a kite or balloon-kite set up as a scarecrow.

    Unless the witness can say that the object flew away, I will assume that it is tethered.

  6. Have you heard of the Prophet Rael? An alien contacted him saying all life on Earth was scientifically created by them and we mistook them for gods and now they want an embassy built so they can land openly. He wrote it all down in his book “Intelligent Design — Message from the Designers”

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