Самый убедительный документальный фильм об НЛО снят… TikToker.

Я не шучу. Я стремился найти наиболее убедительный материал об НЛО, чтобы предоставить его своим скептически настроенным друзьям, и данный документальный фильм оказался наилучшим вариантом. Вот в чем суть. Это творение TikTok-пользователя @doctorculture, чей контент собирает миллионы просмотров даже за такие незначительные движения, как поднятие бровей. Очевидно, я не возлагал больших надежд на этот фильм. Несмотря на то что автор этого фильма – известный мемолог, он случайно оказался автором моего любимого документального произведения об НЛО на сегодняшний день.

Лично я изучаю множество документальных фильмов об НЛО с целью преодоления скептицизма. И среди всех них этот фильм – наиболее впечатляющий. У меня есть групповой чат с друзьями, с которыми я обсуждаю тему НЛО. Многие из них скептики, но даже они признают, что этот фильм меняет ситуацию. Моя миссия в изучении документальных работ об НЛО – выявить правду. И без тени сомнения я могу подтвердить наличие нечто подобного объекта или голограммы НЛО в стиле «тик-так», который обладает разумной управляемостью и, предположительно, посетил Землю. Это подробно описано в данном видео:


Относительно точки зрения Джеймса Фокса, выраженной в его работе «Феномен», предположение о преимущественно военной природе НЛО становится предметом спора, особенно в свете событий с делом Фравора. Кроме того, стоит отметить, что некоторые более древние доказательства также остаются наиболее убедительными. Хотя, возможно, эти аспекты нам уже известны.



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  1. I came into this post expecting to shit all over OP, tiktok, «the youths», and Dr. Steven Greer, but I am incredibly impressed. There will not be any shit plopping on to OP this day, at least not by me.

    That is higher quality, better sourced, and generally more informative than most full-length UFO documentaries I’ve seen. Nice find.

  2. Great production. There is a story to be told in a subset of information already captured, but the noise around it is often so great it that the most important aspects get drowned. This video shows you can pick the right pieces, and bring them together well to show why we need to be asking better questions and demanding better answers.

  3. Great video.

    I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that the primary reason that the military and governments of the world deny the reality of UFOs is simply because it’s beyond our control.

    They don’t want to admit that these things have impunity over our airspace, and have been lying about them for so long that they don’t know what else to do but continue to lie.

    If they were going to be hostile, they’d have fucked us up by now. Whatever they are, they clearly aren’t trying to cause overt harm, so we need to start taking them seriously.

  4. This is fucking great. Well done, no bullshit. Best part imo is that its produced by someone who regardless of how «silly» he may be, has a serious viewing platform and is helping spread the legitimate parts of this phenomenon to a wider audience.

  5. thanks, will check it out.

    I highly recommend checking this one out [https://youtu.be/pSZUBulON6I](https://youtu.be/pSZUBulON6I)

    Ross Coultard is a VERY high profile Australian political investigative reporter who has turned his eye to the subject and making some significant inroads. Most importantly he comes across as very credible (that voice though), and his credentials are impressive. One of Australia’s best. They guy has literally broken government spy scandals, covered wars etc. I suggest emphasizing his background if you show anyone.. for extra cred. Caught a podcast a few days back.. he seems certain things will be happening over the next several months. I have heard that said many times before, but never from someone so connected and careful with their statements as he is. He has a huge rep riding on this issue. [https://www.icij.org/journalists/ross-coulthart/](https://www.icij.org/journalists/ross-coulthart/)

  6. Submission statement: TLDR: Of all the UFO documentaries, a walking meme might’ve accidentally made one of the most convincing UFO documentaries/compilations I’ve ever seen.

    Conviction, in this case, is measured by the claim’s capacity to relieve the burden of proof: the ratio of evidentiary claims (intelligently controlled vehicles were present on earth) against the remaining evidentiary claims that sustain the established understanding (intelligently controlled vehicles have not been present on earth).

  7. It’s not awful, but it’s far from great.

    — The monotonic voice-over is a turn-off

    — Asserts facts in a way that’s easy to dismiss. Perhaps you’ve studied all the mentioned cases and that formed a backdrop in your mind, but the way they’re presented here is not convincing. Perhaps you’ve listened to Cmdr Fravor and know tic-tacs are real, but this video simply asserts that they are with no mention of Fravor.

    — Almost no interviews or first-hand accounts. These are the most convincing evidence that we have.

    To each his own, I guess, but the Phenomenon is a much more convincing documentary. Or just the Cmdr Fravor interview on Joe Rogan on its own. Or many other accounts, from the 50s to the present.

  8. Man his «content» is so cringey. I just checked some of it out. No wonder that’s all kids want to do. Minimal effort and you get to «be somebody». I’ll check out this mini doc though.

  9. I think tictacs type thing can be real, but human made plasma from directed energy devices. There is nothing extremely massive moving that fast, more like a spot projected by a laser or intersection of two. My personal opinion of the technology is a combination of pulsed semiconductor laser (very high short time electric field pulses) to ionize air to spark it off, with efficient microwave heating. These are now reasonably mature technologies.

    I don’t know if this explains all appearances, but that such a thing is physically possible and a stream of work on it is also documented. Close to ocean operations and Navy makes it even more likely.

    There are likely many weird objects with many distinct explanations.

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