Раскрытие НЛО… почему или почему бы и нет?

Раскрытие НЛО… почему или почему бы и нет?

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  1. I’m so fed up by *actual scientists* saying «Loop Quantum Gravity» that I was really excited to hear him call it «Quantum Loop Gravity». He seems to totally have reality figured out, I’m really buying into his stuff.

  2. Too much conjecture.

    I can guess, too; how about the idea that the government knows about aliens but some aspects of the facts about them are deemed too terrifying to disclose? What might such facts involve?

  3. Hello, this is a discussion on whether or not the government even has enough information to properly disclose the nature of the UFO phenomenon. If Bigelow partnered with the pentagon for a UFO study on Skinwalker ranch then why is he still awarding thousands of dollars for consciousness studies? It seems they do not have a full picture to properly disclose.

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