Кто-нибудь еще сталкивался с такими?

Давно уже я видел их — да, это было в приятном городском районе. Один из них просто завис надо мной, словно парил в воздухе, и издавал громкий и мощный ревоподобный шум. Примерно в то же самое время я помню самый необычный сон — это ощущение так ярко запечатлелось в моей памяти. В моем сне я шел к гористому хребту, и всё вокруг было пустынно, а позади меня было все человечество, и казалось, что мне суждено идти к чему-то особенному — присутствие этого момента было настолько мощным и интенсивным.

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  1. One flew directly over my head twenty years ago. I was getting out of my car at 2:30 am and saw it. It glided preternaturally smoothly and was totally silent. It was traveling maybe 15 mph. The craft was about the size of a stealth bomber and was matte black and was so low over my head the streetlights caught its underside (maybe ~100 feet above me). The main difference between mine and others’ reports is that instead of having lights at each corner the one I saw had hollow rings and you could see the sky through them. After about five seconds it disappeared behind a dense patch of trees that were right behind me.

    Even though I was very interested in UFOs at the time, after I saw it i felt oddly disinterested and just shrugged and went to work.

  2. I saw one of these when I was a kid on a road trip in the car. Quite small/ far away with the corners lit. You could see it rotate and move around a little bit before eventually disappearing

  3. Yes, Michigan 2017. Black triangle craft flew slowly over the house I lived in at the time. 3 white lights on each corner, one dimmer red light in the middle. Completely silent. Was so close I could have thrown a ball at it and hit it.

  4. Some years ago, two not perfectly cloaked triangles hovered next to each other over Atlas Electronic/Rheinmetall Aviation Services northern Germany / ~2am. They probably tried to reduce visible light emissions and the result looked more like a dark triangular electrostatic field slightly sparking or twinkling to all directions of the craft. Pretty sure they were being used for counterespionage purposes. They also hovered over nearby houses such as ours and scanned who and what is inside by something like ultrasound. Pretty weird sounds and micro vibrations but nothing too otherworldly.

  5. Yes ive seen one. It was completely silent and floating. It vanished from one second to the other. It looked exactly like the one in your picture. This was around 12 years ago. Since then im obsessed by the ufo topic

  6. Isn’t it funny how a lot of our courts will make life changing decisions off of circumstantial evidence…. All while I read all your experiences and countless others. Seen impressive photos and videos. Made connections with religions, history, and art. It’s almost smack in your face.

    Yet we can’t get our officials to put a official stamp on it.

    It’s like trying to prove water hydrates.

  7. My son and where driving home after picking him up from a friends house when the car sputtered the headlights flickered and something like this flew past us directly in front of the car and a soon as it had gone by the car smoothed out and the headlights were steady this as in around 2015 around 8pm at night on hwy 101 south of Tillamook Oregon ….one of three major sightings I’ve had in my lifetime

  8. I saw it in 1989 in Alabama. Watched it for 5 minutes hovering silently over a cow field. It had a solid search beam of light sweeping the field. It was 100 yds away, 100 feet off the ground, and silent.

  9. You just brought back a weird memory actually

    17 years ago I was 13 and in the car with my dad driving home one night and something just like this flew low and slow right over us.

    We had been to an air show recently so I asked my dad is that was a stealth bomber and he just continued looking at it with a confused look and shaking his head.

    It was maybe as high up as a 6 story building but it was completely silent which is what really freaked us out.

    No joke, it looked just like this only not as bright

    No clue what we saw that night.

  10. Sometimes I wonder if I could have seen something like this if I just looked out my window that onetime I was woken to the loudest humming/hover noise in the middle of the night. It was just outside my window . I had never in my life heard any noise like it. It was a low pitch hum but it was loud and sounded like something hovering just outside in my yard. I was too terrified to look outside and dismissed it as a dream. Until the next morning g when my husband said he heard the exact same thing. I’ve always been fascinated with UFOs and such but especially so since that night. I always wish I’d see it with my own eyes. I fear I missed my one chance. Still scares the crap out of me though.

  11. Saw one when I was 16 -17 about 20-25 feet front tip to back and about 10 feet above the roof of a 2 story apartment building. Was going like 5 mph. It was like a squashed tetrahedron. It has the red light in the center but all the corners were like favored lights including the top point

    Edit to ad: and I was only like 2-400 ft away on the ground

  12. my house mate saw this same thing 20 years ago near Vandenberg AFB. Pismo Beach to be exact. Described it exactly. Said it blotted out the stars as it went by silently. No joke I thought he was just tripping but when we went outside…Several other people that were out and about on that summer night saw it as well. When we went outside there were groups of people standing around in the street looking at the sky. — We ran down to the beach which was maybe 100 yards from the house and people there walking on the boardwalk had seen it also.

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