Видео с НЛО, показанное Конгрессу в прошлом году, попало в сеть

Видео с НЛО, показанное Конгрессу в прошлом году, попало в сеть

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  1. It’s an interesting video.

    I’d like to ask the question to anyone military savvy if they know what they are talking about over the coms?

    Seems they are a little bit unsure of the situation but calm? If they saw it as a threat wouldn’t there be more panic surrounding the situation?

  2. I just thought about something after watching this, and yes I’ve seen this clip a few times but, since they are transmedium objects and they can function equally as well under water as they can in the atmophere, wouldn’t it make sense that they would likely prefer to travel underwater over travelling through our skies? It’s a helluva lot harder to detect them in our oceans. If this is actually the case, there could be far more of them in our oceans than in the air. Sort of like cock roaches. For every one you see, there’s 1000 more you can’t.

  3. The targeting pod isn’t slewing when it stops starboard or aft with winds at 40 knots (the heading tape stays the same); and white water (meaning high winds). If it was a balloon it would be moving quickly. The zoom on these targeting pods are usually fixed so we would see a stutter in the frame if it was going away passed the horizon. If they didn’t have confirmation it “splashed,” they wouldn’t bother sending a helicopter. I’m interested in what the helicopter saw that most definitely launched. Pretty intriguing stuff.

  4. Submission statement: This video was shown to congress in 2022 and shows a ufo lowering to the ocean then suddenly splashing down into the water. Captured by US navy. Watermark suggests it was released by Jeremy Corbell

  5. It seems to disappear, then reappear, and finally disappear again.
    It seems like a cloud or wall of water shoots up and obscures it, then the water clears revealing the device again, then it quickly descends into the ocean — perhaps into a hole in the water left by the obscuring cloud/wall that it somehow made when causing the hole in the water.

    Perhaps they move so quickly through water by riding inside an air bubble (a hole in the water) that they generate ahead of them as they go.

    If they are legit, whatever they are doing is real and physical, so there is a real and physical explanation. We just haven’t figured it out yet.

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