4chan разоблачает все ответы по сей день

По какой-то причине это было удалено из r/UFOs, но здесь вы можете найти все ответы от предполагаемого разоблачителя 4chan. Только ответы:

https://imgur.com/a/NXjWQaN Полные сообщения: Часть 1: https://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/34629564/ Часть 2:

https://boards.4channel.org/x /поток/34704869/

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  1. Thank you. Was trying to read through this the other night and was having a hell of a time picking out his answers. I’m not /b/tarded enough for 4chan’s lack of nested threads.

  2. Read all of it twice.


    His narrative fits with extreme compartmentalization that the gov has operated under since the atom bomb dev.

    His answers overlap and reinforce gov footage over the Atlantic and Pilot testimony of seeing these things daily.

    Aligns with video in Puerto Rico of UAP diving below water.

    Never claims fantastic things that would exist outside of strict compartment structure of gov.

    Makes me believe there are other construction craft off coast of Cali where Favors incountered the tic tac.

    There have been a long history of Trans medium craft around SF CA.

    Possibly gives context to a faction and that there are others.

    This could be the most plausible and the one that shapes my worldview of motivations / context around a real unexplained phenomenon.


    I would reveal everything including my name and program on my deathbed. Maybe he plans to do this and this is the prelude to personal reveal.

    Total trust me post with nothing to back up his story.

    Nothing to try and verify.

    My outtake is that this is plausible. An account I will consider and remember going forward. It could help us ask better questions.

  3. If nothing else, this was an interesting read. The idea that these beings are hiding and keeping us from destroying the planet until they all arrive is interesting. And honestly, plausible since they don’t appear to want to be seen. Especially in light of the recent testimony that nuclear weapons were shut off by unknown forces.

  4. This is a really good read. I am a huge skeptic on this sub, and yet I find this post interesting for a number of reasons.

    I think that the suggestion of them being «sentient» on a level that we can’t comprehend, that they *don’t even consider us sentient*, and that they largely don’t care about us, really seems reasonable to me.

    Abductions/cow mutilations have nothing to do with us, but are just ways they are sampling environment toxicity levels- again, like we may harvest fish to cut open to see how much mercury they’re ingesting. We don’t even consider the fish death in this case- they are just a byproduct of our research.

    It was mentioned that they are like zoo keepers, they just let us be unless we get into a situation or get too close to discovering the exit door. And this analogy makes sense to me- on their level of sentience, they are building a zoo around us; we’re just dumb gophers in our pen, completely unable to comprehend what these strange creatures are doing all around us, and how they influence our daily lives.

    Do I believe *all* of this? No, I am a skeptic after all, but it absolutely makes me rethink our role in the UFO/Alien phenomenon.

  5. If true this is kind of terrifying. Aliens embedded on Earth doing exactly as they please, including taking people . If this became confirmed public knowledge, people would demand we remove them.. and that does not sound like a good idea according to this guy. I kind of hope it’s all bullshit

  6. I found his answers to be very interesting and unsatisfying in a way that felt, real? ish. Maybe he’s larping, probably in fact. But the strangeness of the accounts and their behavior feel much more believable than the typical narrative that is stale at best.

  7. It’s always been an entertaining idea to me that there could be a connection to the sea people that used to attack Egypt Rome and Greece, the alleged sightings by mariners in the Victorian era of «submarines», and this.

    There’s a connected theory that Jules Verne based his Capt. Nemo on some esoteric knowledge of these people.

    An advanced aquatic civilization that evolved parallel to us.

    But it’s really just a fever dream IMO. Definitely one of the most outlandish theories out there lol

  8. Makes me curious about what he means that mentioning bob Lazar would get you taken out back and shot like a dog. Is it because bob lazar is telling the truth or because he’s not telling the truth? Can you ask him if you come across him again

  9. It baffles me that in every conversation about UAPs there’s a lot of engineering talk and people throwing around names of elements, isotopes, radiation, etc, but I’m still waiting to read something serious about the physics of all these.

    If people have indeed managed to reverse engineer these novel «gravitational» tech, why haven’t we seen a new theory of gravity or at least a novel equation in quantum field theory?? The physics that people claim these things use could change our whole understanding of our current laws of physics, yet nothing is said about it.

  10. I vote we build a floating concert barge and get reasonably close to them but still outside the radius where they start de-existing things. Just play our favorite music for them. Nothing else. They’re smart enough to realize it’s an invitation to enjoy the harmonious vibrations with us.

    This is why I haven’t been approached for one of these jobs, clearly. But I still think it’s a good idea.

    (Suspending disbelief, it makes more sense than most explanations I’ve read)

    Edit: with a projector showing animations of humans and aliens dancing together. Then humans can be doing the same dance on the barge but obviously missing their alien counterparts.

    Edit 2: honestly I fucking hope it’s true because if so they’re the only explanation for why we haven’t completely destroyed ourselves already and it gives me hope that maybe we won’t in the future. Of course I’m just thinking wishfully at this point.

    Edit 3: having so much fun reading this. Had a thought when I read the line “they can stop inertia when we still struggle with that”. Why do we struggle with that? Is it because all of our “stop” methods involve latching on to a specific part of a thing and then stopping the latch, and so the thing itself still has so many parts moving forward? Because if so… gravity acts on all atoms with the same amount of force simultaneously. If a gravitational force exactly equal but opposite to the inertia of the pilot existed right behind them, and reduced itself to zero alongside that inertia, could you stop instantaneously without feeling a thing? All of this hinges on the idea of having a micro control of gravity…… but if you did, I can’t see another reason why it wouldn’t work. I clearly have no idea what I’m talking about but this is Reddit so who cares.

  11. Super interesting. I have some thoughts!

    Bipedalism is present in many more species than just humans. Kangaroos developed it, multiple species of primate or primate relatives have developed it. Most species of birds. All of these are examples of convergent evolution — so the idea that “we look alike = we must have been made by them” is kinda farcical.

    The base structures of the universe all express themselves in similar ways in many environments and if these aliens do exist and are bipedal, that’s the most likely scenario. It makes total and complete sense that a lot of intelligent beings would arise and exceed environmental barriers if they had two appendages free, which would have arisen from an EVEN MORE common evolutionary trait of forming four appendages in early evolutionary trees.

    My personal theory on why they are here is the same as OP. They’re here to observe and wait until we evolve. I think that habitability is an extremely common trait among many solar systems, so the idea that we might have been “seeded” (see: Dune) is kinda nonsensical. Meanwhile, the idea that life evolved naturally and they are here as a means of preserving it as a means of preserving the many possibilities and eventualities that arise from life in the universe makes MUCH more sense. After becoming capable of spacefaring travel, a species only really has a few options. Attempting to transcend, attempting to conquer, or attempting to preserve.

    Transcending isn’t really likely, because humans can transcend despite our remarkably simplistic biology. Like, we can just… peace out of our bodies. I’d think a species supposedly capable of literal psychic abilities would have realized that this universe is less subtle, and transcending denotes moving into more subtle realms. But if it is what they seek, then either we are tools in their endeavors (they seek to one day control our biology to help them in their goals), or we are potential allies in a future where we evolve both our intelligence and forward thinking.

    Conquering is just stupid unless they’re actually brutes. Who tf needs to conquer when you can travel the fucking universe and you have facilities capable of doing whatever you need them to do?

    Preserving is the most likely. The same way we preserve, say, Yellowstone. Pull a few fish out and dissect them, see if all is well, run the tests, with the strict goal of making sure everything goes as it should. If we one day evolve, then we will likely be welcomed (or if we’re not how they like, changed enough to fit their view of how we “should” be as a species).

    On a strictly personal note, I think this physical realm is cyclical, and that the end-result of all life which will ever arise in this universe is the starting point of an infinity of exploration in more subtle realms that both predate and outlast the universe.

  12. Like everyone says, if nothing else, it’s a fun read.

    Between the “zookeeper who loves animals” analogy and the theory that they’re keeping the planet safe from both our own idiocy and external forces, I got an Ultraman-meets-Men In Black vibe from the aliens.

  13. He gave a lot of information about himself.

    Older than 40, has cancer, height 5’8, likely white male, married, engineering degree.

    The fact that they started suddenly using unmanned drones vs piloted just in the past 20 years or so vs their 100 year or 4000 year cohabitation, because of what, they don’t want us to recover the bodies? Shouldn’t that change have been made for the safety of the pilots? Or are more frequent crashes a recent phenomenon, for which we have to be intentionally or unintentionally responsible for it?

    That makes me skeptical. Also misspelt inertia.

  14. I read the entire responses, gotta say most of these would be thing people were speculating about.

    Assuming UAPs exist(which is confirmed by many government organizations at this point) and this person does not BSing, it is a good read.

    Eh, zoo/preserve theory is indeed one of the choices behind solution to fermi paradox.

    Although “dumb cousin” thing is the real conspiracy here.

    Are we related to Aliens ? did they populated this planet with us ? are we an genetic experiment ?
    etc etc etc….

  15. Copy/pasting my comment from UFOB — since it’s a lot to type:

    Since this could be completely fictional anyway, let me add (what I find to be) some fun conjecture — what if: • the aliens are a progenitor to our species

    • they’ve fucked themselves in some capacity as a species

    • realize the importance of habitable/planets with naturally rich conditions for biodiversity (perhaps because of the aforementioned crisis)

    • have installed an infrastructure to protect key “exoplanets” (misnomer but forgive me)- aka the mobile manufacturing/reconnaissance platform

    • this could also explain UFOs traveling along ley lines; is this a natural magnetic formation — or essentially “tracks” laid for the unmanned crafts

    • they’re testing out repopulating the planet with a young “version” of themselves

    • try to guide us (disabling nuclear weapons) but refuse to fully intervene. As a species must find it within themselves to find respect, otherwise as we go off world — we will bring death to other habitable planets. Perhaps this is the real reason that the Apollo 11 astronauts look shell-shocked at the retrospective press conference. Were they told we’re not ready/allowed to leave yet?

    • also knowing humans — our egos and short lifespans — I doubt this momentous discovery would alter our behavior a single iota. The powers that be want to live with as much power and wealth inequality as possible. Perhaps that’s why (conspiratorial) rituals that symbolically carry forward a notion of hedonism are rumored to happen amongst the deep seated power structures. Someone somewhere knows we’re fucked — but “YOLO”

    Anywayyyyy — buncha baseless bullshit — but fun to chew on. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  16. The whole theory is kinda similar to Rendezvous with Rama (scifi book), the construct theory and autonomous UFOs and Lab thing, like they’re watching us but they don’t interfere unless we fuck with them or something…, it all might be BS but it was indeed a good read.

  17. i’ve read the same stuff too. I dont know where I read about the «built to spec» thing but I’ve heard this same reason as to why all these ufo’s look different. They have different tasks. There are craft that are designed FOR abductions and theyll have the body table and the tools embedded into the craft. I remember being kinda shocked that they are building them SPECIFICALLY for abductions.

    I’ve heard about these «bases» from a very credible guy (Deep Prasad) that he spoke to a high official from another country and he was told they know where one of these «bases» is located because they see UFOs come and go from that area. They even know WHEN they come and go. And if you get close, it will attack. They have images of it, im assuming LIDAR in the ocean.

  18. The fact he mentioned liver cancer blows his cover. Why would he mention anything that could out him to agents at all? Seems like it would be easy to find him once he mentioned liver cancer.

    Also, the theory that they are reserving the planet for themselves never made much sense to me. Why not just get rid of us? For example, if you own a house and plan to sell it or rent it and you hear it has a rat infestation you don’t just leave it alone. You get rid of the rats.

    If the drone theory is right its much more likely they have some use for us and value us being alive for some reason.

  19. Here is his last (allegedly) intervention (post No.34775005):



    >A few hours ago I had a small unexpected visit.
    >While I can’t really bring up the topic further I wanted to say thank you to everyone. I learned quite a bit in the process as well.
    >Discussion on my part will cease going forward and this will be my final post. I still intend to lurk on the board.
    >My favorite nebula for my last post. Farewell.

    No more entertainment if it’s really the original larper/poster.

    EDIT: his favorite nebula is [NGC 6302](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NGC_6302).

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