2006 г., Чикаго, О’Хара, первый очевидец НЛО.

2006 г., Чикаго, О’Хара, первый очевидец НЛО.

2006 Chicago O’Hare UFO First Witness to come forward
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  1. A captivating CNN interview with the first witness to come forward (anonymously) and describe what he saw and what he thinks it is/isn’t. I really wish there was a real picture of the UFO. I have seen some on here that claim to be authentic but they just don’t feel right.

  2. I still have no idea how despite the fact this supposedly happened in the middle of the day, next to the terminals in view of hundreds of people, hundred plus workers around the airport, apparently cars on the nearby highway stopping to get out and look, that nobody has come forward except for this one person 17 years later. No photos, no videos, no security camera footage. How?

  3. I’m so tired of «everyone’s» assumption that this must be something «travelling across star systems», and that the technology must necessarily be based on that. I think it’s a false lead.

  4. James Fox needs to eventually go all in at this incident. There’s no way pilots can’t let us know more. There’s got to be footage/better quality pictures out there.

    This incident has always blown my mind.

  5. I think this is one of the more compelling witness testimonies. The individual presents it in a non-sensational manner and applies logical reasoning to speculate that it could potentially be a clandestine military aircraft. After all, why would an entity capable of interstellar travel show interest in an airport where airborne objects are unable to overcome Earth’s gravitational pull?

  6. Why the fuck doesn’t the FAA have the power to investigate? Every day that ticks by, every single thing that happens makes me think the conspiracy is real. That there are people in our government with unknown levels of power to the extreme that pull strings. I honestly don’t know what’s worst: ineptitude or conspiracy.

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