Снято во Вьетнаме

Полностью черная сфера движется в медленном и постоянном темпе. Казалось, он исчез, а затем снова появился в другом месте надо мной, прежде чем скрыться из виду.

Filmed in Vietnam
byu/dwiri inUFOs

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  1. My mother and myself, one of my cousin’s in America and 2 other Americans on r/aliens all had very similar video footage of Light emanating orbs up in the sky.

    Ours (my mother and I) were observed stationary and zipping rapidly before disappearing entirely; two different locations in Brisbane, Australia 5 -7 weeks ago now.

    Cousin in Texas about 3 weeks ago during the afternoon into the night.

    And the remaining 2 Americans — I don’t recall where they were but they observed them at night and moving in absurd ways.

    Honestly pretty fascinating and haven’t seen anything like them since.

  2. It is an object. It’s unidentified. It exists. That means it’s a UFO.
    This is Earth. There has never been anything on Earth that isn’t from here except meteors.
    Unfortunately, there is nothing at all to suggest any extraterrestrial origin.
    But definitely a UFO. No doubt about it.

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